Watchman Sees a Man in a Woman’s Clothes: Children’s Hospital Gives ‘Health Hero’ Award to Dem Author of Bill Promoting Child Sex Changes, AKA Child Abuse and Sinful Behavior—Let No One Deceive You With Empty Words, for God’s Wrath Comes on Those Who Are Disobedient Because of Such Things. As a Result, Refuse to Work With Them

Trans BS, Once we are rescued from Satan’s world system of darkness through the spiritual birth, we then have a duty to shine the light of the truth into the darkest corners of deceit in Satan’s world system, which includes everything that operates the world system today:Trans, politics, economics, education, religion, the military, and especially today,Trans medicine, which in the original Greek language of the New Testament is pharmakeia, and is translated into the English Bible translations as “witchcraft, sorcery, etc.” HNewsWire: The Children's Minnesota hospital system honored Democratic Minnesota state Rep. Leigh Finke on Tuesday for her contributions to children's health after she authored legislation to encourage child sex changes. Finke, who is transgender, was the primary author of HF146, Minnesota's "trans refuge" legislation, which would prohibit the enforcement of out-of-state laws that would take a child away from...

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