Watchman: Senator Ron Johnson COVID Was ‘Preplanned by an Elite Group of People,’ ‘Planned for Our Loss of Freedom”—We’re up Against a Very Powerful Group of People… Yes, Their Satan Soldiers

HNewsWire: “This was all pre-planned by an elite group of people… Event 201… This is very concerning in terms of… what continues to be planned for our loss of freedom… We’re up against a very powerful group of people… We need the truth to be exposed. We need more Americans to listen to the truth… pull their heads out of the sand and open up their eyes and understand what has happened to this country.” Are you ready? The Plan of the WHO Revealed by the Insider: 10 Years of Pandemics, From 2020 to 2030 Lioness of Judah Ministry · May 10, 2022 Exposing The Darkness is a reader-supported publication. To support my work, please consider becoming a paid subscriber. One-time or recurring donations can be made through Ko-Fi: THE PLAN shows the official agenda of the World Health Organization...

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