Watchman: The Covid Plandemic Was a Moving Gravy Train and Many Were Anxious to Get on Board

HNewsWire: The Pandemic Started a Medical Gold Rush and Its Happening Now We are still being told the Covid vaccines are safe. This narrative runs against the accumulating evidence of excess deaths and adverse reactions. For example, the Western Australian government has just issued a report documenting a rate of adverse reactions to Covid vaccines 24 times larger than any previous vaccine. However, there is still the rebuttal—the result of Covid infection would have been devastating without the vaccine. Yet this argument too falls apart when you examine the data. This article is available as a PDF document or you can listen to it here.. So how or why did medical professionals get it all so terribly wrong? From my own correspondence, it is clear that in the early days, there was still a significant amount of caution. Medsafe asked...

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