Watchman: The Unconstitutional “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures” at the Department of Health Let the “Dark Princess,” AKA Governor Hochul (D-NY), and Her “Satan Soldiers” Illegally Lock You up or Lock You Down Without Any Proof That You Were Sick and Without Any Due Process Rights

HNewsWire: This Wednesday, there will be a very important court case. As a New Yorker, I am sickened and angry about the isolation camp rules that our evil governor and state attorney general are trying to bring back after the brave attorney Bobbie Anne Cox got rid of their stinky rules. Our cruel leaders have been torturing us for three years with hypnotic spells that turn smart people into scared, zombie-like puddles of drool, with humiliating, oxygen-limiting masks that don't protect us from anything and are full of toxic chemicals that the wearers breathe in, with stupid, insulting propaganda, and with "garbage soup-contaminated vaccines." Doesn't that do it? I believe so. There are already laws in the state of New York that cover health issues. This fascist nonsense that goes against reasoning, compassion, and common sense is not necessary. The...

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