Watchman: The WHO, NIH, CIA, DOD, Pentagon, CIA, NIH, FDA, Gates “Nonprofits,” et al. Executed a Cruel Wickedness Against Humanity in Psyop-19, and Now They Are Gearing Up for Their Next Lethal Strike With Their Kill Shots and the Impending Psyop-23 “Plandemic

Will I be safe if I acquire 47 boosters, don 3 masks, and confine myself to my basement indefinitely? The WHO, NIH, CIA, DoD, Pentagon, CIA, NIH, FDA, Gates "nonprofits," et al. executed a despicable atrocity against humanity in PSYOP-19, and now they're gearing up for their next lethal attack with their Kill Shots and the impending PSYOP-23 "plandemic. HNewsWire:  Thank God for our beautiful natural immune system, our ability to think critically, our insight to see through lies and manipulation, and our patriotic hearts that make us stand up and say, "Live free or die." God bless those of us who choose to live free lives and not give in to an evil takeover. God bless America's freedom... Despite the irrefutable proof that the CDC along with their coconspirators the WHO, NIH, CIA, DoD, Pentagon, CIA, NIH, FDA, Gates...

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