Watchman: US Consumers Reaching ‘Breaking Point,Whose Spending Drives the Economy, Are Reaching a Breaking Point and Are on the Verge of Folding

HNewsWire: Reports from former Walmart CEO Bill Simon say that the all-powerful American customer, whose spending drives the economy, is about to break. In a recent interview with CNBC, Mr. Simon said that customers and their willingness to spend were being hurt by a number of things, including political division, inflation, and high interest rates."That kind of pileup wears people down and makes them wary," Mr. Simon told the news source. "The customer has a reason to pause for the first time in a long time." You need to look at what the current government is doing to know why things are going wrong. They say they have nothing to do with it. Each and every person is affected by the rules they make. The WEF wants 500 million people to live in the world. Which means 6.5 billion people...

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