Watchman’s Warning: Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA “Vaccines” Include the Highly Carcinogenic Simian Virus 40 (SV40), Yet at Least Two Other Labs Have Successfully Replicated Them. Government-Approved Death Vaccines

HNewsWire: MIT Human Genome project leader Kevin McKernan and his research team’s discovery that highly carcinogenic simian virus 40 (SV40) is present in all of the DEATHVAX™ offerings have now been reproduced by at least two other labs. This is huge. There is no possible way to deny the fact that these “vaccines” are deliberately contaminated by SV40. From the above Subtack article: McKernan also has established that the DNA contaminants found in the COVID-19 “vaccines” result in the genetic modification of the human genome, which has and will continue to set off all kinds of autoimmune diseases. Which brings us to the latest bombshell: This Substack warned long ago that these slow kill bioweapons alter your DNA, and now we have irrefutable proof of this: An important distinction must be made: this is anything but accidental contamination, but, rather,...

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