When Will This Evil Man Be Stopped?” Asks the Watchman. “Bill Gates Is the Largest Funder of Trying to Find Viruses in Caves and Bring Them to Big Cities to Release Them on Us–Tribulation

HNewsWire: PHARMAKEIA, THE ‘GOD GENE,’ AND JUST WHAT IS THE REAL TARGET OF THE COVID-19 VACCINES THAT WERE FORCED ON US?They arrived at a conclusion after studying 2,000 subjects (1,000 religious, 1,000 non-religious) and measuring gene expressions related to an individual’s religious leanings. They discovered a direct link between one’s desire and natural need to seek God and worship in some form and one’s genes. Several genes influence one’s beliefs, but the VMAT2 gene is the most important for spirituality (religious practices). That was the single gene responsible for a person’s need for God. What would a prescription drug that inhibits the VMAT2 gene do to a person if their findings were correct?So, in summary, we have pharmaceutical predictions of removing the soul... On Sunday, Senator Paul unleashed a scathing attack on globalist Bill Gates, suggesting that the COVID pandemic...

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