You Can’t Make This Stuff Up, According to Watchman. Mayor of Chicago Brandon Johnson Wants to Break the “Cycle of Violence” in the Violent Metro Area Controlled by Radical Progressives by Giving Monthly Reparations Checks to “Descendants of Enslaved African Americans.” They Will Stop at Nothing to Disobey God’s Word

HNewsWire: By SRH, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is proposing a plan to provide monthly reparation checks to individuals who are descendants of enslaved African Americans. The goal is to address the ongoing issues of violence in the metro area and bring about positive change. Government intervention and socialist policies are not helpful for addressing the ongoing issue of violent crime in Chicago. Instead, prioritizing common sense 'law and order' and reallocating resources to support the police are some of the initial measures to protect the metro area from potentially harmful social justice policies. During an interview with Poppy Harlow on "CNN This Morning" Wednesday, Johnson acknowledged the serious issue of violent crime in Chicago and expressed confidence in the government's ability to address the crisis. The mayor's proposed solution: distributing $500,000 in reparation checks. "These are the initial funds allocated...

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