5000 Old Book found in Israel revealing many details about life and culture of their times and more …


December 13, 2023

Here are two videos of the same topic but one refers to the context of the Bible while the other presents more of the historical and archeological aspects of the period, human interaction, culture and even has account of UFOs and Astronauts.

5000 YEAR OLD Book Found In Egypt Revealed A HORRIFYING Message About Humanity


(22:18  Minutes)

"The ancient Egyptians left an enduring imprint on history. Researchers, diving into the enigmatic depths of this civilization, have brought to light the exceptional creativity and ingenuity that distinguished them. Certain discoveries have left us in awe, among them a 5,000 year old book. This age old manuscript, called the Book of Enoch, holds the key to unraveling a bone chilling message about humanity. "



(11:24  Minutes)

"Throughout history, Ancient Egypt has captivated humanity as a treasure trove of knowledge. Researchers and explorers have delved into its mysteries, yet the way of life in this ancient civilization continues to mystify us even today. From discovering remarkable artifacts like the Book of the Dead Scroll to deciphering texts that mention extraterrestrial encounters and even unearthing hints about Jesus's teachings to his brother, it becomes evident that the Egyptians were not so different from us. If you're intrigued by the enigmas we've been gradually uncovering, stay with us to unravel more of these fascinating mysteries. Copy of Forbidden Teachings "





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