America’s FIRST One of Kind State Governors ‘ Executive Order


Dinesh Kaushiva September 1, 2023

In a very bold, unexpected and much overdue move The Governor of Nebraska has signed an

Executive Order defining the Female and Male Sexes.
Hopefully, all the other Republican Governors and even the States' Republican Senate and House leadership can surely use this a 'MODEL' to protect Women and most importantly our daughters and grand daughters until Jesus comes and not be POLITICALLY CORRECT OR BOW DOWN TO THE SATANIC DRIVEN POLITICAL AGENDA.
Currently, in America there are 24 'so called' Republican Governors of which 4 are Females.
Sadly, "Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has faced heavy criticism for failing to certify a bill banning biological males from playing women's sports. The governor has steadily insisted the bill would subject South Dakota to lawsuits the state could not win and said she seeks to "protect girls" through other measures."
She and all those you are finding excuses not to do what is morally upright should take notice that certain International Olympic Organizations have banned Males from taking part in Female Olympic Sports.
Every self-proclaimed follower of Christ also is encouraged to take a stand and support their National, State and Local leaders to also take action to protect the dignity of God's creation.
Our Biological Female children have been subjected to the ONE WORLD ORDER RELIGION AND ORDINANCES FOR FAR TOO LONG.
-------------------------------------                                                           Nebraska Gov Signs Executive Order Defining Male, Female
Brandon Poulter, Contributor   August 3, 2023
Copy of the Original signed Executive Order  is available from the following web address;






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