As Satan’s Soldier George Soros Warns the Davos Crowd, “Civilization May Not Survive” Until We Defeat Putin (And Xi) Or the Plandemic Will Collapse and I Will Die Before I Can Wreak Havoc on Society as I Want


The rich guy One Satan Soldier George Soros delivered his much-anticipated annual address at Davos, his first since calling President Donald Trump a "conman, narcissist" and accusing Mark Zuckerberg of working to help him win re-election in March 2020 (and warning that "the overheated US economy can't be kept boiling for too long"). Soros targeted China directly, as usual, but also included Russia in his list of targets.

While Evil Guy Satan Soldier Henry Kissinger was making headlines earlier in the day, the 90 year old puppeteer warned that Russia's invasion of Ukraine has shook Europe and might be the beginning of another global war.

Fighting pandemics, climate change, and nuclear war have had to take a back seat to that effort," Soros said. "Other concerns that affect all of humanity have had to take a back place to that struggle."

Why do I believe our civilisation may not be able to continue?

On both Russia and China's leaders, Soros said:

"mind-boggling blunders" have been committed by both presidents, he said.

Vladimir Putin is anticipated to be greeted as a liberator in Ukraine, while Xi Jinping is clinging to his policy of zero Covid.

Even in 2019, a former hedge fund manager warned of China's "grave threat" of using AI to suppress its population. He repeated that warning today in his address. Attacking China is nothing new.

In Soros's opinion, "AI is especially excellent at building weapons of control that favor oppressive governments and threaten open societies.

As an effective weapon against the virus, "Covid-19" has helped justify other forms of surveillance.

Though he ended with an unsettling warning that he had added Russia to his kill list, he also warned that unless he defeated Putin, we were all going to perish.

"In order to terminate the conflict as soon as possible, we must deploy all of our resources. Only defeating Vladimir Putin as quickly as possible is an absolute need if our civilisation is to be saved. So there you have it, folks."

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Here is the whole address:

The trajectory of history has shifted considerably since the previous Davos gathering.

Ukraine was occupied by Russia. This has jolted the continent of Europe to its foundations. To avoid this, the European Union was created. Even if the combat ends, the situation will never return to its pre-war state.

Invasion may have triggered the Third World War, which might decimate our civilization. That's what I'll be focusing on this evening.

The Russian incursion into Ukraine was not an overnight phenomenon. Increasingly, the world is engaged in a battle between two systems of government that are in direct opposition to each other: open society and closed society. Simply said, there is a difference.

An open society's job is to safeguard its citizens' freedom, but in a closed society, the individual's purpose is to serve the state's authorities.

The battle against pandemics and climate change, the prevention of nuclear war, and the maintenance of global institutions, all of which affect the whole human race, have had to take a backseat in this conflict. As a result, I believe our civilization has a little chance of surviving.

When I was in my early twenties, I began what I term "political philanthropy." People who were fighting tyranny and injustice in communist countries were a cause close to my heart, and I wanted to provide a hand.

During the Soviet Union's disintegration, I founded many foundations throughout the Soviet empire. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the work.

It was an exciting time in my life back then. While my personal financial success permitted me to boost my yearly contributions from $3 million (in 1984) to more than $300,000,000 (three years later), they also coincided with this era of personal financial success.

On September 11, 2001, a wave of anti-open-society sentiment swept throughout the globe. Now that repressive governments are on the rise, free societies are in jeopardy. We face our biggest danger now from China and Russia.

I've spent a long time trying to figure out why it occurred. The fast advancement of digital technology, particularly artificial intelligence, provided some of the answers I was looking for.

In principle, artificial intelligence (AI) should be apolitical: it may be employed for both good and ill. In reality, the outcome is asymmetrical. Artificial Intelligence is especially adept at creating weapons of control that benefit oppressive regimes and put open societies at risk. Additionally, Covid-19 aided in legitimizing tools of control because to their practicality in combating the infection.

The advent of social media and other internet platforms has coincided with the fast development of artificial intelligence. These multinational corporations have taken control of the world economy. They are a global company with a global presence.

The ramifications of these changes have been far-reaching. They have ratcheted up tensions between the United States and China. The country's IT giants have become household names in China. Concerns about the impact on individual freedom have made the United States cautious.

The clash between the two systems of government that the United States and China represent is illuminated by these divergent viewpoints.

A nation like China, which gathers more personal data than any other in history, should reap the benefits of these breakthroughs. Xi Jinping That, however, is not the case, as I will demonstrate later in the evening.

Let me now shift my attention to recent events. On February 4th, during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping met. It was announced in a statement that there are "no limitations" to the collaboration between them. A "special military operation" in Ukraine has been reported, although it's not clear whether Putin really planned to launch an all-out war on Ukraine. Military specialists from the United States and the United Kingdom definitely warned their Chinese colleagues about what was coming. Xi agreed, but Putin was requested to wait until the end of the Winter Olympics before announcing his decision.

Xi, on the other hand, decided to go forward with the Olympics despite the Omicron variant's recent proliferation in China. In order to provide the athletes with an airtight environment, the organizers went to tremendous measures. As a result, the Olympics went off without a hitch.

Nonetheless, Omicron made its mark on Shanghai, China's biggest metropolis and commercial center, and quickly became a fixture in the neighborhood. It's now making its way throughout the nation. Xi's Zero Covid policy has not changed. People in Shanghai have suffered greatly as a result of this, since they have been forced to live in temporary quarantine facilities rather than being able to isolate themselves at home. Shanghai is on the edge of open insurrection because of this.

In the face of this obviously unreasonable attitude, I can explain the rationale for this strategy: Xi has a secret she's hiding. He didn't tell the Chinese people that they had been given a vaccination meant to protect against the original Wuhan version, which is ineffective against newer strains of the disease.

His job is in jeopardy and he can't afford to be dishonest at this time. In the autumn of 2022, his second term in government will come to an end. He is seeking re-election to an unprecedented third term, which would give him permanent reign.

Every aspect of his life has been meticulously planned so that he might do the one thing he has always wanted to do in his whole life.

There were some problems with the so-called "special military operation" that Putin was planning on carrying out, though. He anticipated the Russian-speaking Ukrainians to embrace his forces as liberators. Dress outfits for a victory parade were carried by his troops. Isn't that not the case?

Invading Russian forces were severely damaged by Ukraine's surprisingly robust resistance. Soldiers lost their will to fight due to a lack of resources and poor leadership in the military. The United States and the European Union came to Ukraine's aid and provided it with weapons. Ukrainians were able to beat a considerably bigger Russian force because to their support.

In order to avoid defeat, Putin had to drastically alter his original objectives. On May 9th, Victory Day, he assigned General Vladimir Shamanov, infamous for his brutality during the siege of Grozny, command of the operation.

Putin, on the other hand, had nothing to be happy about. Shamanov focused his efforts on Mariupol, a port city with a population of 400,000 people. While Grozny was reduced to ruins by the Russians, the Ukrainian defenders fought back for an incredible 82 days and lost hundreds of lives.

As a result of their quick departure from Kyiv, the Russian military was forced to admit to the horrific crimes they had perpetrated on the civilian population of Bucha, a suburb of Kyiv. Their existence is well-known, and many who were exposed to the images on television were appalled. Putin's "special military operation" did not involve the Russian people, who had been kept in the dark.

It's now far more difficult for the Ukrainian army to fight back against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. On wide ground, the Russian army had a numerical advantage that is tough to overcome.

Counterattacking and infiltrating Russian territory are the finest efforts of the Ukrainians. The Russian people have been brought up to speed on what is actually going on as a result of this.

As part of its efforts to close the financial gap between Russia and Ukraine, the United States has lobbied Congress to provide Ukraine with an unprecedented $40 billion in military and financial assistance. Although I can't foresee the result, Ukraine has a good shot.

European politicians have gone much farther recently. Using the Ukraine invasion as a pretext for deeper European integration, they hoped to prevent a repeat of what Vladimir Putin is doing.

Partito Democratic party head Enrico Letta has suggested a partial European federation. The federal section would deal with important policy topics.

It would not be possible for any member state to have veto power in the core federal government. States might join "coalitions of the willing" or just keep their veto power in the larger confederation. Letta's idea was backed by Mario Draghi.

French President Emmanuel Macron has urged for the EU to prepare for a widening of its geographical scope. The EU should admit not just Ukraine, but also Moldova and the Western Balkans. It may take time to iron out all the kinks, but it seems that Europe is on the right track. They've reacted to the invasion of Ukraine with unprecedented speed, cohesion, and intensity. Similarly, after a shaky start, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has established herself as a powerful pro-European voice.

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel was primarily responsible for Europe's over-reliance on Russian fossil resources. China has become Germany's biggest export market because to specific agreements she had struck with Russia for the provision of gas. There is a price to be paid for making Germany the best-performing economy in Europe, however, Reorientation is needed in Germany's economic model. In addition, the process will take a considerable amount of time.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz was elected by promising to uphold the policies of his predecessor, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. However, he was compelled by circumstances to break this pledge. This was not a simple task for him, since he had to depart from the Social Democratic creed.

In the end, Scholz always appears to do the right thing in terms of protecting European unity. It was a longstanding taboo for him to do so, yet he renounced Nordstream 2 and pledged 100 billion euros to the military budget. As a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Western democracies took this stance.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are two of the world's most ruthless rulers. They are bound together in an unbreakable partnership. Also, they have many similarities. As a result of intimidation, they commit mind-boggling errors. China's President Xi Jinping is adhering to a policy of "Zero Covid" that can never be perpetuated.

Putin seems to have realized that his invasion of Ukraine was a grave mistake, and he is now laying the groundwork for talks on a cease-fire agreement. Due to his unreliability, the ceasefire cannot be achieved. A peaceful resolution would need Putin's resignation, something the Russian leader refuses to accept.

The scenario is puzzling to say the least. One of Russia's most renowned military experts, who had previously opposed the invasion, was given the opportunity to speak out on Russian television. Later, he declared his devotion to Vladimir Putin. Even while Xi Jinping hasn't given up on Putin, he's tempered his backing somewhat.

This explains why Xi Jinping is doomed to fail, to begin with. China's interests were not served by allowing Putin to conduct a failed war on Ukraine. Because of Xi Jinping's lack of aggressiveness, Putin was able to steal China's status as the alliance's senior member. Xi, on the other hand, made the fatal error of reiterating his Zero Covid policy.

The repercussions of the lockdowns have been catastrophic. They were responsible for precipitating China's economic downturn. From the time it got started in March, and it will continue to gain traction as long as President Xi refuses to accept his mistakes. The impact on the global economy will be so severe that it will be exacerbated by the real estate crisis. Worldwide inflation might evolve into global depression if supply systems are disrupted.

In spite of this fact, the more weakened Putin grows, the more unpredictable he seems. The EU's member nations are feeling the strain. Vladimir Putin may not wait for them to develop alternate energy sources, but rather cut off gas supplies while it's still a problem.

Last week's RePowerEu announcement reflects these concerns. Due of Merkel's special agreements with Russia, Olaf Scholz has been especially concerned. Mario Draghi has more guts, despite Italy's near-identical reliance on natural gas to Germany's. The cohesiveness of Europe will be put to the test, but if it can preserve its unity, Europe's energy security and climate leadership will be strengthened.

Then there's China. Anti-Xi Jinping forces are many. Dissension inside the Communist Party is widely known, but no one dares to oppose him directly since he has concentrated all of the weapons of monitoring and repression in his own hands. As a result, it has been expressed in pieces that may be read by the general public.

Xi Jinping may not be able to secure a third term in office due of his blunders. The Politburo, on the other hand, may not allow him a free hand when it comes to appointing the new Politburo members. His authority and influence would be severely diminished and it would be less probable that he would reign for the rest of his life.

The battle against climate change needs to take a backseat to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. Climate change is on the approach of becoming irreversible, according to scientists, and we have already fallen far behind. If that happens, our civilisation may be doomed.

This is a terrifying thought for me. When it comes to our own mortality, most of us take it for granted that our civilisation will continue.

As a result, we must put all of our efforts towards ending the conflict as quickly as possible. Only defeating Vladimir Putin as quickly as possible is an absolute need if our civilization is to be saved. There you go: That's the gist of everything.

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SRH:  Take Note

Of course you’ve heard the name “George Soros,” often invoked as a sort of folk demon on the American and international right, it’s likely that you have some vague notion of why you think he’s a bad guy, or maybe you think the whole thing is a bunch of hype.

However, if you’re a freedom lover, there’s nothing “hype” about the influence that George Soros has around the world attacking your freedom. Indeed, you probably vastly underestimate the influence that he has on politics.

From the perspective of someone who values life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, there is no more dangerous man today than George Soros. This is not hyperbole, it is the simple truth. While we don’t plan to paint a picture of a man standing behind the scenes, rubbing his hands together and cackling as he plays puppet master over each and every attack on freedom around the world, Soros acts as a strawman and a caricature of what is actually going on in the world.

George Soros, his money, and his NGOs are bankrolling and influencing public policy and opinion from the local level all the way up to the national level. Entire nations have been made to bow to the Soros agenda, but perhaps more importantly for our purposes, key local officials in government are increasingly wholly owned subsidiaries of the Soros machine.

Ever wonder why urban terrorists can burn down cities with no consequences but the McClaskys are prosecuted for defending their home against the same? The answer is George Soros, his money, and his influence.


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