“Australian Gov’t Official Blows Whistle: ‘We Planned the Pandemic Decades Ago”

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Dinesh Kaushiva November 9, 2023


An Senator Malcolm Roberts held a COVID INQUIRY 2.0 and during an almost 11 hours of presentations exposed the secrets and background about the 2020 COVID-19 PLAN-demic.

One of his presentations can be heard on the following video by advancing it to approximately 5:35:00 point.


“Australian Gov’t Official Blows Whistle: ‘We Planned the Pandemic Decades Ago’    November 4, 2023


A senior Australian government official has blown the whistle on how the global elites planned the COVID pandemic decades in advance.


Senator Malcolm Roberts Drops COVID-19 BOMBSHELLS In Australian Senate



Please share with your  Family, Friends and even FOE.


Information how to contact your Elected Officials;

Attn: Some of the Senators and almost all Congressional Representatives limit contact only to their States in case of Senators and Districts in the case of the Congressional Representatives.   In my opinion if they are in the Congress and get paid for their U.S. Sub, Select and Executive  committee assignments they should be made to open their contact sources to all U.S. Citizens.

(Sorry, you cannot just copy and paste the whole article in their websites' contact forms. But after you write a short note to them about your concern please just copy and paste the Title of the Article and its Web address on top of your viewing page to forward it to them. Thank you)

Please contact your own States' Senators and House of Representatives to stop all Electronic Election Voting and also the U.S Senators and U.S.House of Representatives the following website or their own websites directly.



But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. Luke 12:2




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