Has Noah’s Ark been found? Archaeologists reveal ‘ruins’ found in Turkey’s …

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Dinesh Kaushiva November 12 , 2023

A team of Archaeologists are reporting that they might have allegedly have located the very site where Noah's Ark landed on a mountain range in Turkey.

Here are few of their reported discoveries:

  • "Experts have dated rock and soil they believe hold ruins of Noah's Ark 
  • Samples contain marine materials and seafood that suggest human activity
  • The calculations also put the samples at the same time as the Biblical flood "

Just one of the many other photos on the Article's Publisher Website:



"Has Noah's Ark been found? Archaeologists reveal 'ruins' found in Turkey's boat-shaped mound date back 5,000 years ago - the same period as the Biblical flood.'


Bible –  God told Noah  to build an Arch for himself, his family and pairs of every Animal  .  Genesis  6:9 and 9:17




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