Imported Terrorism Things to Think About Before a Future Terrorist Attack–Its Coming to America


HNewsWire: Under this fraudulently & corrupt administration, it’s just a matter of time…we ALL know it’s coming & our vile corrupt government doesn’t care….

The terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel is having an impact on people all over the world, and the open borders of the United States are once again in the news.

"The same terrorists that just carried out this horrific attack in Israel—their hatred and their unwavering commitment... to do harm to the United States—are alive and well," Mark Morgan, who served as acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection during the Trump administration, said to The Epoch Times.

"Nobody in their right mind can say that our border is secure."

"There is already a sizable amount of pro-Hamas sentiment in the United States, particularly among academic leftist radicals and apologists as well as Palestinian activists and their friends, as evidenced by the crowds that have been supporting Hamas in recent days in a number of major American cities.

You're saying that after 11 million unlawful crossings, of which one million escaped, some could damage us? Wow! The administration genuinely believes that we are that stupid.

Every known disease was uncovered by CCP-funded laboratories. On US soil, CCP police stations Having the guts to say you could
DOJ-DOD is the only terrorist group I can see. CDC, FDA, FBI, etc. purge period

Naturally, they are present. They are not ignorant. Our frontiers are open to anyone. Why not enter and set up there?
They are aware that the FBI is actively involved in school board meetings and searching for the elusive white supremacist. Taking advantage of America is simple.

For 2.5 years, we have allowed them to stay with us and paid for their lodging and food. Everyone is aware of their presence and their plans. They despise Americans. Thanks to Barack, Brandon, and Google.

I thought our largest threat came from Trump supporters. So Says Our Government

No, fact—that single men of military age were pouring across our borders illegally—should alert us to the lack of actual information gathering taking place.

The intelligence community will still be present when it occurs, just as they did when the Hamas attack occurred.

The protection of their countrymen was never a priority for previous governments led by the Clinton, Bush, and Obama families as well as the Bidens at the moment.

The Democrats have been preparing open border policies on steroids for some time in an effort to unify their party and seize control of the populace. It is simply remarkable how this nation, which was founded on constitutional values, has allowed crooked and self-serving individuals to infiltrate every level of government. The moral quagmire that underlies the indifference must be reversed by the populace. Otherwise, leave the nation!

There is no doubt: Joe Biden is a treasonous person. He and his accomplices Kamala Harris and Alejandro Mayorkss would already have been impeached and removed from office if we still had a functioning constitutional republic.

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