Miracles are still happening !  Like this recent one in Hinds County, Mississippi !


Dinesh Kaushiva September 3, 2023

The Topic of Elections’ Fraud in America  * is the most critical matter about America’s Future and even Existence which for years has not only been ignored, denied, debunked, stumped upon and currently being attempted to bury it all  by persecuting those who sound the alarm until something such as this so unexpected happens and finally the TRUTH IS  BEING TOLD IN THE OPEN.

Hind’s County in Mississippi recently held their Primary Elections:

Allegedly, Voter Irregularities and Voter Fraud were suspected so Cynthia Johnson Walker, a Democrat Election's Examiner performed a Hind’s County’s  Election’s REVIEW.

A Twitter Post by George:

“A Democrat County Supervisor in Hinds, Mississippi is challenging his party's primary election results after discovering massive election fraud "We have videotapes of someone going into boxes bringing in thumb drives, bringing in ballots to be inserted into the machines" The person he's talking about is the Hinds County Democrat party chair. If you watch this presentation, it sounds exactly like what happened in the 2020 election and 2022 election in Arizona. If Democrats are rigging their own primaries, imagine what they're doing in general elections.”




This is a MIRACLE that in such a full fetched detailed exposure of the Democrat Party’s Voter Fraud Mode of Operations has been exposed in this particular place and time but also represents similar and much more wildly spread with the Electronic Voting Machines, Equipment, Computer Software Code, Hacking, System malfunctions, Paper Ballot Printing, Ballot Paper, Mail-In Ballots, Mail-in Ballots' Envelopes intentionally being printed in Blue and Red Inks, Voter Registration and Electronic Signature Verification Systems which have been allegedly also have been reported in every Election since 2000 has Elected and Appointed Officials and Judiciary denying or finding ways to ignore in performing according to their DUTIES THEY ACCEPTED WITH THEIR  OATH OF OFFICES’ RESPONSIBILITIES. Documented evidence of very similar instances are also to common in Republican controlled States and Jurisdictions- VERY RECENT EXAMPLES  : Georgia, Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, New Hampshire, Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, just to name a few.
At present Elections Voter Fraud is Big Business in America as it has now become an Institutionalized Lucrative and Power Grabbing Enterprise and protected by The JUDICIARY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT and allegedly has penetrated each and every segment of U.S. Governments of all levels and Branches and Society.

The following information of this dossier is provided for education, awareness purposes and to also encourage you to do your own due diligence on this subject and not just trust or believe even this article by itself or the other sources that are allegedly not only have been enriching themselves but also implementing their major POLITICAL AGENDA and CONTROL of the ONE WORLD ORDER and CONTROL.



(Every Government or Private Medical and Administrative representative that suggests, recommends or prescribe any Medicine, Injections or Vaccines and Supplements must be required to make a similar statement before issuing any orders.)

NOTICE: The author of this dossier does not receive any monetary benefits, or privileges. by the numbers of financial, medical sources, viewers or subscribers. The main goals are to spread the Gospel of Christ and to provide factual information as objectively as can be done to help the viewers be better informed so then can make their own quality opinions and decisions.








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