Money is the root of all Evil . Or is it ?


Dinesh Kaushiva Septmeber 4, 2023

To clear this upfront the Bible does not SAY that “Money is the root of all Evil” what it does stated in              1 Timothy  6:10  (KJV)  is :

10 For the love of money is the root of all evil
which while some coveted after, 
they have erred from the faith, 
and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Moving right along you get the idea that Money has always played a major role in the functioning of any society and health of the citizens' financial being.

It will be misleading to believe that in this short dossier with few short Video Reports you will become an expert in understanding the ins and outs of the Financial Industry and the Greatest Fraud of Money Supply Controls and Manipulation.

What you should expect to take away by reviewing this short dossier is that nothing happens in the Financial Markets unless it is Planned, Perceived and Executed by a group of World's Wealthiest Investors who are the WORLD'S REAL PUPPET MASTERS.
They ALLEGEDLY manipulate the Money Supply to fluctuate for their own advantage and obscene profits at the end of every cycle.
What better entity to make all that to happen was their creations of Federal Reserve Banks ( Central Banks) who have been given the authority to create money out of thin air. JUST PRINT AS MUCH MONEY AS THEY ARE BEING TOLD TO PRINT BY UN-ELECTED BOARD OF DIRECTORS WHO IN TURN ARE BEING DIRECTED BY THE GLOBALIST CABAL AND ARE GETTING PAID VERY WELL.
Creation of The FDIC has been the Icing on their Cake.
"The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is an independent agency created by the Congress to maintain stability and public confidence in the nation's financial system."
Just how well has that been working out  ?
In my opinion FDIC it is just like the 'Morning After Pill'.
Bottom Line:
It is always the rest of the Share Holders and American Population that ends up holding the bag and experiences the worst impact on their living standards due to inflation, interest rates and income or job losses.
A close look at the Banking Industry will reveal the following facts:
Basically, The Banking Industry is Bankrupt because the Politicians have allowed them to continue to lend and print money which has no assets to support since President Nixon changed away from the Gold Standard.
U.S.Presidents have used Federal Reserve to implement their political agendas by changing the traditional Credit and Lending Standards and Regulations causing Markets to crash, housing crisis, sky high Bankruptcies, High Inflation, Industry crisis and Job Losses, small businesses etc.
It seems these periods of Engineered hardship cycles the Elites, Bankers, Politicians, Government Employees, Union Members while the Federal Reserve Directors, etc. and the Wealthy Cabal controlling the FEDs are immune to same levels of stress and suffering as the rest pf the America's population.
As an example none of the Federal Banking Inspectors,  except very few none of the failed Bank's Presidents or Management have been charged and arrested in violating Banking Regulations and miss use of Funds by over lending and investing in very risky trading and loans.

One of the recently Bankrupt Bank's Management spent millions of dollars to produce videos as promotion which are not only repulsive in itself but shows the arrogance of the Banking Industries Culture as they can blatantly waste Share Holder's Money  without and repercussions:

Ex-Staffer Says Failed Signature Bank Was Like 'The Office'


The Insiders at the Banking Industry seems to know beforehand what is coming and either resign beforehand with very lucrative bonuses and terms or also distribute Hugh bonuses and benefits before declaring Bank’s Insolvency.

Silicon Valley Bank gave out bonuses just before collapse

By Bruce Golding  March 12, 2023

Please review these these short but very important Video Reports about Federal Reserve’s creation and the urgency to shut them down.
Question that needs answer is concerning the Engineered Banking Crisis time and time again and again:
Why are there always Bank Failures despite of FDIC and Hundreds of Banking Regulations and Standards?
Another example of Banking industry’s failure lack of oversight and monitoring was the Billions of Dollars Foreign Agents siphoned away dollars meant for American Citizens and Banks doles out money to organizations like Black Live Matter, Planned Parenthood, Politicians and Family and Friends of the Bank Management while thousands of actual Small Bossiness' applications were rejected:
Jun 28, 2023WASHINGTON, June 27 (Reuters) - Over $200 billion from the U.S. government's COVID-19 relief programs were potentially stolen, a federal watchdog said on Tuesday, adding that the U.S..

Is the Federal Reserve necessary to promote maximum employment and stable prices in the economy, as their dual mandate says, or is it simply a shady banking cartel created by a bunch of super-rich power brokers ?

Finally it is my opinion that if every American would understand the urgency to get rid of Federal Reserve Bank and return to the Gold Standard Reserve System America so that we will again be not only FREE FROM INFLATION CRISIS BUT ALSO THE  VERY HIGH INTEREST RATES.

Peter St. Onge, Ph.D: How to End the Federal Reserve Bank


The following information of this dossier is provided for education, awareness purposes and to also encourage you to do your own due diligence on this subject and not just trust or believe even this article by itself or the other sources that are allegedly not only have been enriching themselves but also implementing their major POLITICAL AGENDA and CONTROL of the ONE WORLD ORDER and CONTROL.



(Every Government or Private Medical and Administrative representative that suggests, recommends or prescribe any Medicine, Injections or Vaccines and Supplements must be required to make a similar statement before issuing any orders.)

NOTICE: The author of this dossier does not receive any monetary benefits, or privileges. by the numbers of financial, medical sources, viewers or subscribers. The main goals are to spread the Gospel of Christ and to provide factual information as objectively as can be done to help the viewers be better informed so then can make their own quality opinions and decisions.




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