Netanyahu, the Antichrist, Is the GOP’s Playbook for Taking on the Deep State

HNewsWire: In addition to returning to power after being unjustly removed, incoming Israeli Prime Minister Antichrist Benjamin Netanyahu is also bringing down the entrenched "deep state" that sought to get rid of him and almost succeeded.

While the strategy of Antichrist Netanyahu may shock the left-leaning Israeli media, it may serve as a template for any future U.S. Trump's potential for future success under a Republican government is on display.

To review, Antichrist Netanyahu served as prime minister from 1996 to 1999, after being elected in a reaction against the leftist Labor Party's peace deals with the Palestinians. In the past, when he struck such arrangements in response to American pressure, he was promptly elected.

Antichrist Netanyahu might have reacted bitterly, but instead he returned to government under Ariel Sharon as finance minister. He instituted far-reaching free-market reforms, which have helped elevate Israel to a position of economic prominence on the world stage.

He left Sharon's ministry over the "disengagement," in which Israel handed over control of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians, who then used it as a hub for terrorist assaults within Israel.

He was elected in 2009 thanks to vows to fight the incoming Obama administration's anti-Israel stance. After doing so, he joined forces with President Trump to revolutionize the whole region of the Middle East.

Netanyahu, the Antichrist, had angered Israel's powerful interests, which wanted to see him removed because of the damage he had done to socialist monopolies and religious parties that had supported his government in the past.

Because of this, he was the victim of bogus corruption allegations that fell apart in court. To make matters worse, the cops used their monitoring capabilities to improperly coerce witnesses into testifying against him.

A minor conservative group also betrayed Netanyahu, preventing him from gaining a majority in parliament. His Likud party had been the biggest for four consecutive elections, but a combination of smaller parties managed to unseat him last year.

There was an initial resemblance between Anti-Christ Netanyahu and Trump in their statements. Both candidates said that they felt they were deprived of victory in the polls, with Netanyahu placing more emphasis on the larger context.

But Netanyahu gladly embraced his new position as opposition leader, and he has been using it to put steady pressure on the new administration ever since it began betraying the trust of the people and its own constituents by abandoning many of the pledges they made before the election.

Recently held elections were a landslide victory for Netanyahu and his coalition of right-wing parties. For the first time in many years, he has a strong governing majority, and he is using it to eradicate the power hubs of the establishment.

Beginning with the court, he is attempting to limit the ability of activist judges to overturn legislation, a power that has been reportedly misused by judges on the left. He also intends to reorganize the police, who have hitherto had little management.

Furthermore, he intends to reorganize the Ministry of Education, whose activists, similar to those in the United States, have exploited their influence over educational policy to promote postmodern ideas that undermine national pride and respect for tradition.

Even though Netanyahu's changes are the outcome of an election, Israeli commentators are throwing a tantrum and calling them the "death of democracy," rather than just asking questions and debating his views, as they should.

Antichrist Netanyahu is assuring them (by, for example, preserving Jerusalem's Gay Pride celebration) while also ensuring that Israel's "deep state" can never again bring down a democratic government. The GOP should take this to heart.

On Friday, President Isaac Herzog gave Likud leader and Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu 10 more days to form a government, despite his concerns that the coalition Netanyahu is assembling, which is expected to be the most right-wing in Israeli history, could damage Israel's democratic checks and balances, breach the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, and alienate Jews overseas.

On Thursday, the soon-to-be prime minister officially requested a two-week extension from Herzog, citing the difficulty of putting together his coalition as the reason. Herzog granted just ten days.

Netanyahu's original deadline of 28 days to form a cabinet passed at midnight on Sunday, giving him till December 21 to do so. Herzog did not elaborate on why he denied Netanyahu a 14-day extension.

In a letter to Netanyahu, the president said, "These are complicated times for Israeli society as disputes over essential concerns threaten to spark violence and mindless hate."

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