Satan Soldier (Bill Gates) Described by Politico as the “World’s Most Powerful Doctor” Is Doubling Down on the Totalitarian Madness That He Is Attempting to Impose on the World – Gates Is Dominic

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Bill Gates eventually confirmed the COVID vaccines were not performing as advertised in an interview with Policy Exchange earlier in November.

Gates, who is one of the many ardent supporters of COVID Kill Shot vaccines, was one of the first globalists to advocate for frequent and continuous corona-virus vaccinations – seemingly setting the stage for a never-ending round of KILL jabs.

With 5.1 Billion COVID Kill Shots In Arms, And People Dropping Dead, Bill Gates Admits His Full Of Himself (Satan Soldier)

Gates:“We need a new way of doing the vaccines."

Gates appears to be disinfecting his hands clean of his criminal involvement in the worldwide mRNA experimentation.

It’s not a astonishing tone from a guy whose foundation has accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars (thanks to pre-IPO access to BioNtech, the maker of the “Pfizer shot”) from the kill shots, in addition to his fierce corruption behind them. Additionally, Gates has added billions of dollars in income to his personal Arsenal during the plandemic.

Despite being one of the largest proponents of presently-available COVID-19 Kill Shot vaccines, Gates admits to the failure of the vaccine industry that he has worked so hard to fund and prop up.

To make circumstances even worse, Gates then endorsed the Police State models for COVID “mitigation” that are currently being implemented by New Zealand and Australia.

At least Australia and New Zealand showed that competent management could keep the "Pestilence" death rate down .

He did not mention that both countries have been under lock-down for significant portions of COVID Mania, with citizens facing massive restrictions on their rights for almost two years. And on top of that, both countries, despite their heinous lock-downs and mRNA deployments, are currently facing massive outbreaks and death on an unprecedented scale.

Clearly, the man described by Politico as the “world’s most powerful doctor” is doubling down on the totalitarian madness that he is attempting to impose on the world.

HNewsWire have reported extensively on the influence the Gates Network wields over the world of of “public health.” The Gates network is primarily responsible for seeding America’s COVID kill shot policy catastrophes.

Pestilence Has Arrived: Evidence is Emerging to Suggest That The Delta Covid Variant Poses a Very Real Threat To Patients Who Have Already Been Fully Vaccinated (Pestilence By Way Of Vaccine Kill Shot)

COVID-19 a Bio-weapon? A Scientific and Forensic Investigation,” Dr. Richard Fleming documents evidence showing SARS-CoV-2 is a bio-weapon created over the past two decades
Once you conclude that SARS-CoV-2 is a bio-weapon, you must also recognize that the COVID shots are nothing more than the genetic reproduction of that bio-weapon. In other words, they are bio-weapons too
The same people involved in the funding of this bio-weapon are the same people who have interfered with doctors providing treatment to patients, and the same people who have been involved in the development of these COVID shots.

Health care workers are injecting people with something they cannot possibly give informed consent for, which means health care workers are violating their Hippocratic Oath
Health care workers who give these COVID shots are also violating the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Treaty, the Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki and other legal statutes

Source: HNewsWire   HNewsWire

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Remember, the first people Hitler put in concentration camps weren't the Jews. The first people were the intellectuals, because if you take the intellectuals and the doctors off the street, if you stop people from talking, you can control the people.

You can’t say no, you can’t sue for harm, and you can’t see the data underlying the government’s claim that the product is safe and effective. That seems fair.

HNewsWire: “In October, November and December, There Will Be a Terrible Death Rate, Globally” Will Occur “Exclusively” With Vaccinated People. “Those Deaths Will Be Labeled Swiftly as a New Variant Strain of Covid

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  1. ragman57 on November 12, 2021 at 8:00 pm

    “People should not wait,” White House Deputy Press Sec. Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters during a press briefing. “They should continue to move forward and make sure they’re getting their workplace vaccinated.”

    The OSHA regulation applies to employers with at least 100 workers, creating an emergency temporary rule that will require employers to mandate workers be vaccinated against COVID or submit to regular testing. A deadline for companies to comply with the regulation was set for Jan. 4.

    Petitioners said the mandate, publicized as an emergency temporary standard by OSHA, should be struck down because it exceeds OSHA’s authority under the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

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