Satan Soldiers In Italy’s Govt Approved Mandatory COVID Jabs For Health Operators Since Early 2020


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Much of the western world has been subjected to one of the greatest frauds ever committed against humanity, an alleged plandemic of a new corona-virus which authorities have told us develops into a new disease known as Covid-19, All BS.

Italians become first Worldwide Guinea-Pigs for Gates’ Social Experiments.

We are now in the midst of the chaos of individual rights created by the Law Decrees related to the pandemic emergency!

In fact, they have aroused strong reactions from civil society against the obligation to impose anti-Covid vaccines (still experimental) on health professionals, but also on people being treated for psychiatric problems, whose informed consent is expressed by public health authorities or guardians, such as in the case of the shameful story of the Florentine girl Yaska (pictured below), denounced by Gospa News and then by the TV program Le Iene, in contrast with the will of the families who do not consider the pharmacological serum safe at all.

In fact, it is the prologue of what could happen from Monday for minors as soon as AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) authorizes the use of the antiCovid Pfizer serum based on messenger mRNA also for children aged 12 and over. As is well known, this is a full-fledged gene therapy never used before in the history of humanity and considered very dangerous by some experts.

The issue became hotly topical after the alarm launched, reading VAERS data on adverse events, by the American lawyer Robert F. Kennedy about the death of the first vaccinated adolescents in the US and about cases of severe thrombosis and myocarditis with the risk of permanent biological damage for children.

This strategy of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government was supported by the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia who, as a constitutional judge, legitimized the 12 compulsory school-age vaccines of the Lorenzin Decree, opening the doors to the business of Big Pharma GlaxoSmithKline which today controls Pfizer’s commercial network and therefore it profits on the new antidote against the disease of the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

But it has put a strain on the conscience of some parliamentarians who have given support to Legislative Decree 44/2021 with the final approval that took place in the Chamber of Deputies in recent days (311 votes in favor, 47 against and 2 abstentions), after the green light of the Senate.

The provision governs a vaccination obligation for health and social health personnel who carry out their activities in public and private health, social health and social welfare structures, in pharmacies, para-pharmacies and professional offices.

Furthermore, it exempts vaccine administrators from criminal liability for manslaughter or negligent personal injury if such events occur as a result of vaccination (Article 3).

The Lorenzin Decree on the imposition of 12 school-age vaccines was born from a pilot project of President Barack Obama’s Global Health Security Agenda, sponsored by Bill Gates, and facilitated by the scientific ambassador of the Italian government of Matteo Renzi, or Dr. Ranieri Guerra, now deputy director of the World Health Organization, but also investigated for false statements to the prosecutors of Bergamo in relation to the pandemic emergency. As then, even today the Italians risk becoming not only a health but above all a social experiment.

The Assembly of the Council of Europe, last January 21, had in fact approved on a proposal by Jennifer De Temmerman – member of the French Assemblée National, member of the centrist group Libertés et territoires – with a very large majority, a Resolution in favor of the “No“ The introduction of the anti-Covid vaccination obligation, as well as his opinion against any vaccination licenses / passports.

The Resolution specifically states that it is necessary to ensure “that citizens are informed that vaccination is not compulsory and that no one at a political, social or other level can press for people to get vaccinated if they do not choose it independently”.

The recommendation was also to ensure that “no one is discriminated against unless vaccinated”, that “the content of the contracts stipulated with producers is communicated in a transparent manner” and that compensation programs are identified for those who suffer damage from vaccination.

The measures must not, however, violate the right and freedom of each individual to their physical autonomy and informed consent” and, citing the Oviedo Convention, he stresses that it guarantees rights and dignity “without discrimination”.

Article 5 states that an intervention in the field of health can only be carried out after the person has given informed and free consent. In the case of vaccination hesitation, this implies that it cannot be imposed by force“. In case of exceptions provided for by individual national laws, the conditions must be interpreted in the light of the criteria established by the ECHR.

Unfortunately, just recently, the judges of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, including those involved in social projects financed by the plutarch George Soros (such as Gates speculator on Big Pharma but above all megadonor of the US Democratic Party and close ally of the PD Italian), have sanctioned the legitimacy of the vaccination obligation for minors.

It is also well known that the Council of Europe does not actually have a great political power within the European Union which has been built in such a way as to guarantee in the hands of a politically appointed oligarchy (via the EU parliament) and elective, the European Commission which has already subverted that resolution by designing the Green Pass to travel between the various nations if vaccinated, cured of Covid-19 or with a negative swab, which should come into force starting from next July 1st. But we will talk about this in a future article.

The vaccination requirement leads us to follow the lead of FiloDiritto, a legal information portal that has analyzed the situation in the Old Continent and in some Western countries of the world. Although health competence, at EU level, is the responsibility of the Member States, the European Council – in 2018 – recommended quick and effective solutions against “the rapid spread of disinformation through social media and anti-vaccinists in public” which have contributed to nourish “prejudices, as well as greater mistrust and fears of unproven collateral events”.

In reality, however, they have been well demonstrated by various studies after a flood of reports for serious adverse cases, even fatal, so as to trigger the alert of even the EMA itself on heart inflammation.

The issue, at first only in the media, later had a reflection on the political level, leading to the reform of national legislation on vaccines, increasing the number of those required to maintain the cd. “Herd immunity” and challenging growing skepticism – reads the FiloDiritto website – Currently, 14 countries in the European Union do not provide for any mandatory vaccine, including Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Germany and Sweden.

It should be noted, however, that the German health authorities, while not requiring vaccination, strongly recommend its administration to minors before enrollment in primary school, requiring the display of the Vaccination Booklet”.

The countries that provide for vaccinations, on the other hand, include Latvia – with 13 vaccines – and France, which recently increased the number of those required by law from 3 to 11 – continues the article – In Italy, the Law 119/2017 (the so-called Lorenzin Law) has reintroduced a mediated vaccination obligation: no mass vaccination plans have been prepared, as in the 1960s, but failure to administer childhood, but not in elementary school. In the latter case, minors are reported to the competent ASL and parents may be subject to administrative sanctions”.

Once again, the Italians risk becoming the guinea pigs of a pilot project that not even the US has imposed (in fact there continues to be the problem that a high percentage of military and marines reject the vaccine) despite the fact that President Joseph Biden was also elected thanks to the important financial contributions received from Pfizer for the electoral campaign.

In fact, last May 13, the AGI agency reported with prominence the sensational news: «Those fully vaccinated in the United States will no longer have to wear masks or respect social distancing, outdoors and indoors. This is foreseen by the new guidelines of the Centers for Disease and Prevention, CDC, signaling a turning point in the fight against the coronavirus.

Currently over 35% of Americans are fully vaccinated. “Today is a great day for America in our long battle against Covid-19, said President Joe Biden speaking from the Rose Garden of the White House, where he has launched a new call for Americans to be vaccinated:

The choice is yours, get vaccinated or continue wearing a mask until you are immunized”».

In the meantime, however, Pfizer has asked the American Food and Drug Association for final approval for its Comirnaty vaccine, currently only experimentally authorized. The FDA okay could sanction a further step towards the obligation of vaccines at least in those countries such as Italy where the government is in the hands of a majority of large agreements renamed the “Single Party of Covid”, even if the lawyer Alessandro Fusillo , president of the Movimento Libertario, has clearly highlighted in a previous article the reasons for the illegitimacy of this obligation just as the magistrate Angelo Giorgianni, president of the L’Eretico association, did by filing a formal warning against the Ministry of Health and the ASL (local health public agency) of all Italy.

Like the Green Pass being designed in the EU, this is a sneaky strategy to lobby people to choose to get vaccinated out of the suffocating regime of restrictions on freedom of movement and the use of personal protective equipment.

But the only political purpose is another: to favor the business of Big Pharma which under the leadership of the new world emperor of vaccines Bill Gates, able to form a cartel among the multinationals last September, have financed and built the contemporary political class, holographic projection of the New World Order, in an axis between the US – Italy Democrats who, as demonstrated by the 38 WuhanGates investigations by Gospa News, together with the Deep State of the Chinese Communist Party, had a preponderant role in financing the studies on chimeric superviruses of SARS infected with HIV, of which experts of world virology have found traces in SARS-Cov-2.

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