Watchman: In Every Major Worldwide Event, Such as the Civil Wars, World Wars, Revolutions, Rebellions, Terrorism, Assassinations, and Political and Social Turmoil, the Jesuits Are the Orchestrators–In Other Words Satan Soldiers

HNewsWire: Jesuit Influence and Infiltration of The US and World Governments.     In every major worldwide event such as the civil wars, world wars, revolutions, rebellions, terrorism, assassinations, political and social turmoil, the Jesuits are the orchestrators. The consensus of many historians and writers such as Eric Jon Phelps, Avro Manhattan, Alberto Rivera, John Loftus, Edmund Paris, Daryl Eberhart, David Guyat, Alexander James, Charles Chiniquy, Jose Rizal, is that the Jesuits and the Vatican are the culprits of these events. The Roman Catholic Church is a mere continuation of the Roman Empire, and the Jesuit Order is the Roman Empire’s Praetorian Guard. The Jesuits oversaw the detonation of two atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the closing end of World War II; they also sank the Titanic, killing John Jacob Astor who was in opposition to the creation of……...

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