Is Joe Biden Still AWOL? Does He Even Know What Is Going on Right Now?! This White House’s Lack of Leadership Is Sickening! This Conflict Should Never Have Taken Place!

In the wake of Vladimir Putin’s command to destroy Ukrainian military facilities, the present Texas Republican Congressman made the statement on Fox News. His mental and cognitive impairments have been on show for almost a year now, and most people are certain that something is wrong with him, according to Jackson. It’s clear that “he’s not cognitively the same as he used to be and, in my judgment, not suitable to be our president right now,” he said. That a 79-year-old representing America at a time when a message of strength has to be transmitted isn’t going to end well, according to the Congressman With the COVID-19 epidemic and the ongoing struggle between Vice President Biden and Russian President Putin over Ukraine, we find ourselves in a crisis-ridden world. His adversaries and several impartial observers are wondering whether or not…


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