Dear American Satan Soldier, Biden Believes We Are All Delusory: Biden Stood in Front of the World and Regurgitated So Many Lies That One Has to Wonder if His Speechwriter Borrowed Hunter’s Pipe

HNewsWire: Dear American, Biden thinks we’re all delusory: To begin, Biden said that since his election, “families are carrying less debt” and “their average savings are up,” and that “more Americans feel financially secure.” No, the personal savings rate has fallen, but outstanding (revolving) consumer credit has increased dramatically since January 2021. Meanwhile, according to a May poll conducted by the American Psychological Association, Americans are more concerned about money than ever before. “Inflation and the growing cost of ordinary commodities are what’s causing their stress,” said Vaile Wright, senior director of health care innovation at the American Psychological Association. Biden also promoted the “Putin price rise” narrative, which the Washington Post admits Americans “aren’t really buying.” Except… What is Biden’s solution? Increase the amount of money in the economy! Biden also chastised Congress for the rise in inflation. What…


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