According to a Top Biden Economist Who Lives in Lalaland, Farmers Should Increase Crop Production Based on “Price Signals” to Avoid Food Shortages. Only the Very Mentally Sick Would Consider This Concept Worktable

HNewsWire Humanity-Will Be Ruled By a Godless Man Presiding Over an Evil Governmental System. The Bible Associates This End-Times Ruler With a Terrible Beast in Revelation and in Daniel, the Day is Here–Get ready… Mr. Trump did not win re-election, providing the American people four years, Now with Satan Soldiers (Biden), the globe will experience about five years of the seven years tribulation event, the remaining two years will be like no other known to humanity, know where you stand with the creator. HEAVEN ON EARTH God has delivered them (the ungodly) a tremendous illusion so that they would accept the lie and those who have not believed the truth but have relished in iniquity will be punished” (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12). To put it simply, God sends a powerful deception to those who refuse to accept the gospel of Christ.…


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