Who’s in Charge, Exactly: Satan Soldier Biden Is Chastised When Satan Five Star General Berry Obama Fails to Acknowledge Him at the White House Reception, No One Wants to Talk to Joe, Who Is Insane

HNewsWire-Who’s in charge: A lot of people make fun of Biden after Berry Obama doesn’t pay attention to him at the White House reception. Nobody wants to talk to Joe, who is crazy. After Satan Five Star General Berry Obama finished his speech about healthcare, he was surrounded by people at the reception. He talked about himself 33 times in the speech. Ex-president: He hadn’t been to the White House in five years. Satan Solder Biden, on the other hand, looked like he was looking for someone or something to do. There is a video of Biden looking at the crowd that is around Obama from afar. With a sour look on his face, Biden then turned away. “No one in Washington anymore thinks that the Biden presidency is a good thing.” They think it’s a big mistake. Polls show…


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