Who’s in Charge, Exactly: Satan Soldier Biden Is Chastised When Satan Five Star General Berry Obama Fails to Acknowledge Him at the White House Reception, No One Wants to Talk to Joe, Who Is Insane


HNewsWire-Who's in charge: A lot of people make fun of Biden after Berry Obama doesn't pay attention to him at the White House reception. Nobody wants to talk to Joe, who is crazy.

After Satan Five Star General Berry Obama finished his speech about healthcare, he was surrounded by people at the reception. He talked about himself 33 times in the speech. Ex-president: He hadn't been to the White House in five years.

Satan Solder Biden, on the other hand, looked like he was looking for someone or something to do. There is a video of Biden looking at the crowd that is around Obama from afar. With a sour look on his face, Biden then turned away.

"No one in Washington anymore thinks that the Biden presidency is a good thing." They think it's a big mistake. Polls show that a lot of people think this way. Joe Biden is now the least popular person in almost every room he goes into.

"Biden tried to get in on the conversation about Obama that was going on." All the people who were in the conversation, even Kamala Harris, who is supposed to work for Biden, didn't even notice him.

He said, "Biden did everything he could to get Obama's attention." He puts his hand on Barack Obama's shoulder and does that. He even calls him "Barack" like they're friends, but Obama doesn't even bother to talk to him. A lot of people think Biden isn't even there. Is there anything in your life that has been worse than this?

In the past, Berry Obama made fun of Biden and kept him on the sidelines. He also made fun of him "repeatedly" as an old White guy.

"Biden's abandonment was like a pack of dogs leaving behind an old, weak member," said Carlson. "It's not about you." It's a matter of group survival, and that's how the Democratic Party works.

He said, "Individuals aren't important to the party." The group is all that counts. Nobody at the DNC cares about Joe Biden or ever has.

He knows this on some level. People have known him for all of his life because he has been a member of the Democratic Party. He's never worked for a party other than the Democratic Party, so he knows how this will end. He has to go after 50 years, Carlson said. "They've decided to get rid of Joe Biden, but how and who will they get rid of him? That's the question." We don't know that.

In the middle of the meeting, Biden again tries to get Obama's attention. When Vice President Kamala Harris is on the other side of the room, Biden reaches over and grabs Barack Obama's shoulder from behind, making it look like he's trying to get Obama to look at him.

In the video, Biden says a thing that Obama didn't pay attention to. Instead, Obama kept talking to the guests, and Biden looked on with a confused look on his face, as if he didn't know why he wasn't being paid attention as president of the United States.

"No one wants to talk to Joe Biden." And that is what the Republican National Committee's research team tweeted also with you-tube clip.

SRH: It is a pattern evident in nations that rejected God’s Word as the ultimate authority in their lives and is a pattern prevailing in many Americans today…

Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. – Matthew 24:12

Most of the trouble in the world is caused by people wanting to be important.


Sources: HNewsWire   HNewsWire   HNewsWire   HNewsWire

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