According to the Watchman the Following Is a Great Jonathan Turley’s New York Post Editorial on the Last-Ditch Effort by Members of Congress and the Media to Convince the Public to “Move On” From the Biden Corruption Crisis. But That’s Not Happen—the Biden’s Are Filthy to The Bone

HNewsWire: Below is my column in the New York Post on the last ditch effort of the members of Congress and the media to get the public to just “move on” from the Biden corruption scandal. The message has been clear and amplified, as former U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) insisted on MSNBC, “Everybody needs to back off!” As evidence and public interest increase, it is a bit late for spin or shiny objects. This week, the scandal is likely to be even more serious for the Bidens and the country. The media is increasingly taking on the appearance of Leslie Nielsen in Naked Gun yelling that there is “nothing to see here” in front of a virtual apocalyptic scene of fire and destruction. Here is the column: “I wonder after this plea happens if you would advise your party to move on?” That…


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