What Is a Biochip? Nanotech? Neuralink? A Biological Chip Is a Microchip Intended to Function in a Biological Environment, Especially Inside a Living Organism,YOU!

HNewsWire: What exactly is a biochip? Nanotech? Neuralink? A biological chip is a microchip designed to operate in a biological environment, particularly within a living creature. They will monitor emotions: heart rate, blood sugar levels, emotions, and, gradually, the quantified self. That’s just with the spyware you knowingly add via fitbit and Apple Watch. “Lose the convenience,” I would argue. You are contributing to your children’s “future” in the matrix. The mark is explicitly associated with the worship of the beast and the rejection of the Lord Jesus in Revelation 13. We are not told exactly what the mark is, other than that it is associated with the beast’s name or number, as that which signifies who he is and what he stands for. It is a technique of forcing the world to submit to him as the supreme ruler…


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