Watchman: So Now the Bastards, WEF, and Their Ilk Are Killing Helpless People Like Children and Women. To Reconstruct More Effectively, Have You Noticed? Nobody in Power Seems Interested in Preventing the Genocide. For the Simple Reason That They, Like Mr. Trump, Are a Part of It. Where Is Google Fakebook and Twitter News. Censor–Tribulation Playing Out!

Parallels to the Paradise CA fires and to 9/11 - and "nobody" sees it.

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This New Global Economic System Is What the Politicians Mean by “Build Back Better.” It Is the Essence of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset — In Other Words “Yoked”

  When the economy reaches an inflection point, the unsustainable will finally start to fall apart, The collapse of one crucial mechanism soon spreads across the whole economic system, as one domino falling pushes down all the dominoes slithering through the global economy. By being antifragile, those who understand how systems are built to break down may prepare themselves by being flexible, adaptive, and open to the possibilities that exist when things are in flux. HNewsWire: Satan Soldiers,Klaus Schwab and his team Demons at the World Economic Forum aren’t done “reimagining” anything. A wide range of topics from food chains to digital identification, health care to capitalist rethinking are being discussed. Every facet of our life is now open to reimagining, reconfiguring, recalibrating, reordering, and resetting by our Davos-educated superiors. At their secretive, invitation-only confabs, they concoct their ideas along…

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The United States Is Already in a Recession, Satan’s Soldiers Will Be Brutal and Unforgiving, Tribulation Is Underway, and the Red Horse Is on Its Way!

HNewsWire: According to a market mood expert, the US economy is now on the brink of getting into recession. A substantial amount of malinvested wealth will be wiped away, and sections of the economy formerly impervious to crises may not be so this time around, he said. Research shows that the economy is subject to “confidence cycles,” and when consumer mood moves toward the belief that a recession is on the way, the market will actually experience one. “I believe the mood has been baked to the point that people are now behaving on the presumption that a recession is imminent. Remember, Peter Atwater, a former hedge investor who is now a professor at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, argued that action is what truly causes a recession to arise. The Federal Reserve’s ultra-low borrowing rates have allowed…

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