This Is What Happens When the Average Person Blindly Follows Corrupted Politicians. It Will Become Harsher, and if You Do Not Accept Their Demands, They Will Cut Off Your Bank Accounts, Food, and Ability to Drive Your Automobile if Required. It’s Known as the Social Credit System, Also Recognized as the Mark of the Beast

HNewsWire: This is what happens when We The People mindlessly follow crooked politicians; things will become worse, and if you don’t heed their commands, they will cut you off from your bank accounts, food, and the ability to drive your vehicle if necessary. It’s known as the social credit system, also known as the mark of the beast. On Friday morning, Rogers Communications Inc. in Canada reported severe network failures impacting financial institutions, government organizations, law enforcement, enterprises, and cellular phone and home internet consumers. “We are aware of challenges presently impacting our networks, and our teams are actively engaged in resolving the issue as quickly as possible,” said Rogers, which is located in Toronto. Customers were furious with Rogers, reacting to the tweet with: “$400/month for services I’ll never use. This firm is and always will be a f**king farce…


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