This Is What Happens When the Average Person Blindly Follows Corrupted Politicians. It Will Become Harsher, and if You Do Not Accept Their Demands, They Will Cut Off Your Bank Accounts, Food, and Ability to Drive Your Automobile if Required. It’s Known as the Social Credit System, Also Recognized as the Mark of the Beast


HNewsWire: This is what happens when We The People mindlessly follow crooked politicians; things will become worse, and if you don't heed their commands, they will cut you off from your bank accounts, food, and the ability to drive your vehicle if necessary. It's known as the social credit system, also known as the mark of the beast.

On Friday morning, Rogers Communications Inc. in Canada reported severe network failures impacting financial institutions, government organizations, law enforcement, enterprises, and cellular phone and home internet consumers.

"We are aware of challenges presently impacting our networks, and our teams are actively engaged in resolving the issue as quickly as possible," said Rogers, which is located in Toronto.

Customers were furious with Rogers, reacting to the tweet with:

"$400/month for services I'll never use. This firm is and always will be a f**king farce "one individual said

"For my American readers: Canada has just two firms with telecom infrastructure in the whole country, and one of them is presently experiencing a total statewide outage," remarked another.

According to the WSJ Customers of Rogers began reporting disruptions about 0400 ET. Police in Ottawa and Toronto sent alerts to people about problems with the 9-1-1 emergency hotline.

"The outage, which looks to be larger than the one last year that mostly harmed customers," Reuters writes, "comes as Rogers attempts to take over competitor Shaw Communications."

There were also substantial troubles with Interac, a Canadian e-transfer provider, which tweeted about "nationwide Rogers failures" at 1035ET, affecting debit-card transactions online and at checkout counters.

"This has an effect on INTERAC Debit and INTERAC eTransfer. Currently, INTERAC Debit is not accessible online or at checkout "Interac sent a tweet.

According to the Canadian interbank network: "Most financial institutions do not provide INTERAC e-Transfer services, limiting the capacity to transmit and receive payments. Rogers has not yet provided an update on their resolve."

According to a spokesperson for Royal Bank of Canada, the broad internet outage is disrupting several of the lender's services throughout the nation. Net-blocks' real-time statistics verified a "serious internet courage" throughout Canada this morning, with "national connectivity down to 75% of normal levels."

Another internet tracking company reports a considerable decrease in online traffic starting in the early morning hours.Here's what folks are saying about the widespread outage.

The source of the big outage is yet unknown to the public. Truth be known, it is a dry run from the elitists to see how the people will react to a complete denial of essential service. Plandemic

SRH: US Moving Toward China’s Social Credit System, Enabled By Big Tech.Five major Canadian banks went offline on Wednesday night, according to technology website Bleeping Computer, as customers reported their funds were unavailable, just days after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he would invoke emergency orders to crack down on demonstrators by freezing their bank accounts.

On Wednesday evening, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), BMO (Bank of Montreal), Scotiabank, TD Bank Canada, and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) were all impacted by unrelated outages. According to statistics from Downdector, users began reporting problems with banks about 1600-1700 ET.

Twitter users in Canada stated that they were unable to withdraw cash from ATMs. "Tap transactions aren't available for this card," said an error notice at one of RBC's ATMs, according to one user.

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