“Exactly [Like] the Chinese Social Credit System” Are the Measures Used Against Freedom Convoy Activists and Their Sympathizers

According to Canadian political pundit Ezra Levant, measures taken against Freedom Convoy protestors and sympathizers are "exactly [like] the Chinese social credit system," and that such a system "may come to America just as easily as the rest of the martial rule."

On Tuesday, Canadian reporter Ezra Levant, the creator of Canada's conservative Rebel News, spoke on Fox News' The Ingraham Angle about his worries about the current treatment of residents and journalists in the country.

"The'show your papers' [demand] is ludicrous," he remarked, referring to the numerous police checkpoints set up across downtown Ottawa, where people must produce identification or risk being arrested. "What they're doing to journalists who aren't on board with the government's goal concerns me greatly."

He warned of the even larger potential of "social credit" penalization for individuals with unpleasant opinions, citing a journalist with his outlet who was reportedly fired at close range with a pepper canister that later shattered, burning her face and eyes.

"I can't believe they shot our reporter," he continued, "but I feel the social credit type approach of penalizing anyone with the incorrect beliefs is a graver and [more] far-reaching menace."

He then accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of using emergency powers to crush opposition in a totally needless way.

"Justin Trudeau has cleaned the streets — that wasn't difficult [since] there weren't that many trucks," he continued, "but he's sticking to his emergency powers so he can confiscate and freeze bank accounts of anyone in his opposition without going to court."

He went on to explain the hazards of such abilities.

"The cops inform the banks whose accounts to freeze, and they do it," he explained. "You have no legal remedy, and you are really prohibited from suing."

According to Levant, the approach may be used to deplete whole families' funds as a result of one individual's support for Freedom Convoy demonstrations.

Trudeau defended his use of emergency powers to stop weeks of trucker-led demonstrations on Monday, arguing that the measures must remain in place for the time being due to residual threats.

"What it implies is that if someone is just suspected of supporting the truckers — maybe you contributed $50 to their crowdfund [or] maybe you strolled beside their trucks one day," he explained, "your entire family bank account gets seized."

"So not only you, but your wife and children are unable to obtain funds for groceries, rent, or petrol, and there is no legal recourse," he continued.

The conservative reporter predicted that such a disciplinary system would be similar to China's, and that Americans would face it sooner rather than later.

"That is essentially the Chinese social credit system," he added, "and it could come to America just as easily as the rest of martial law."

The statements came after the Canadian Parliament approved Trudeau's move to activate the Emergencies Act by a vote of 185 in favor and 151 against late Monday night.

Trudeau used the Act last week in an unprecedented action, saying that it was essential to quell peaceful protests associated to the Freedom Convoy movement, which is seeking an end to civil rights breaches by the Trudeau government ostensibly necessary to combat the COVID outbreak.

Over the weekend, the legislation was mostly utilized to remove rallies in Canada's capital, Ottawa, as well as to freeze the bank accounts of people associated with the movement.

On February 19, 2022, police stand guard during a demonstration organized by truck truckers rejecting vaccination requirements in Ottawa, Ontario.

Dr. Jordan Peterson, an outspoken psychologist, expressed concern on Sunday that the country had "degenerated" as a result of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's recent actions against Freedom Convoy protesters, which have "stained the Canadian banking system's international reputation" while eroding people's faith in it.

He further stated that a "trustworthy" military source instructed Canadians to remove their bank funds as soon as possible.

Levant claimed earlier this month that the Canadian media, like the American media, is not only skewed in favor of the left, but is also heavily centralized and controlled, and has effectively been paid off by government assistance, enforcing a liberal point of view.

He also referred to the continuing Freedom Convoy in Canada as the most significant political event he has witnessed in his lifetime in the Land of the Free.

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