Harry Potter Undermines Faith in God, “Sympathising With The Occult. The Denial Of Christian Faith

As the popularity of the Harry Potter series continues to grow, Christian parents are left with some difficult questions. Some believe that the magical world of Harry Potter is little more than harmless fun and fantasy. Others fear that these books and movies are an invitation to the occult. Regardless of a parent’s viewpoint, Harry Potter has become unavoidable, as he now boldly lines the shelves of children’s bookstores, public libraries, and schools. Without question, Christians should have some concerns and need to use careful discernment in deciding whether or not to allow their children to immerse themselves in the world of Harry Potter. Harry Potter books and films are full of stereotypical magic. Witchcraft and wizardry are central themes, and the lead roles are played by wizards, witches, and other magical creatures. Although the characters practice casting spells, reading…


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