Chinese Citizens Protest For Supplies And Rations Amid Zero COVID Lockdowns.

People’s frustrations are boiling over a month after Shanghai was placed under lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19. More than 20 million people in this massive city are without food, supplies, or freedom. Many Shanghai residents, frustrated by the “Zero-Covid Policy,” began banging pots and pans on their balconies and in open windows to protest the policy. Some members of the neighborhood broke past the barricade and rushed to the streets, demanding that basic requirements be delivered. Many communities demonstrated against the Zero-Covid Policy on April 28 by pounding pots and woks. This was a “concert” that Shanghai residents arranged through the internet to “smash pots and plead for supplies” in order to avoid censorship. “There is an uprising in Shanghai tonight,” several residents stated, demonstrating “Shanghai people’s perseverance.” Shanghai residents’ unhappiness has reached a crescendo now that the…


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