Gov. Ron Desantis Cracks Down on Children’s Drag Shows: This Guy Is Aware of the ‘Disturbing Trend’ of ‘Sexualizing’ Young People. He Should Be the Next President of the United States

HNewsWire: Following reports of the state filing a lawsuit against a nightclub in Miami that gives drag performances to children, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) chimed in on his administration’s attempts to combat child sexualization and warned of the “disturbing trend” of society attempting to sexualize young children. “There was a video out of Dallas where they had all these young kids putting money in the underpants of these drag queens at a club, and that’s just inappropriate,” DeSantis stated, adding that similar circumstances subsequently occurred in the Sunshine State. “So we said, wait a minute, this is incorrect, it is not compatible with our legislation and policy in the state of Florida, and it is a troubling tendency in our culture to attempt to sexualize these young people,” he said. “That is not how you protect our children.” DeSantis…


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