Update: The Stage Is Being Set: The Final War of Wars, China Prepares to Overwhelm U.S. With Lethal ‘Navy Killer’ Missile Swarm, and Israel Is Hanging in the Balance, Revelation 6:2

Leaders of the “Most Sanctioned Countries” in the World, Putin and Kim, Pledge Closer Ties Against the “Hostile” U.S. HNewsWire: News outlets in both Russia and North Korea claim that Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un have exchanged messages in which they express their desire to strengthen ties between their countries at a time when both are under severe sanctions from the United States and its allies. Putin wished Kim “good health and success” in an official diplomatic note, outlining a desire for closer cooperation between the two countries at a time when Moscow is actively seeking to strengthen strategic alliances with non-Western countries, including China and India, as the Ukraine invasion rages on for its sixth month. Additionally, Putin hoped that closer ties between Moscow and Pyongyang “would perfectly coincide with the interests of the people of the two…


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