“Exactly [Like] the Chinese Social Credit System” Are the Measures Used Against Freedom Convoy Activists and Their Sympathizers

According to Canadian political pundit Ezra Levant, measures taken against Freedom Convoy protestors and sympathizers are “exactly [like] the Chinese social credit system,” and that such a system “may come to America just as easily as the rest of the martial rule.” On Tuesday, Canadian reporter Ezra Levant, the creator of Canada’s conservative Rebel News, spoke on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle about his worries about the current treatment of residents and journalists in the country. “The’show your papers’ [demand] is ludicrous,” he remarked, referring to the numerous police checkpoints set up across downtown Ottawa, where people must produce identification or risk being arrested. “What they’re doing to journalists who aren’t on board with the government’s goal concerns me greatly.” He warned of the even larger potential of “social credit” penalization for individuals with unpleasant opinions, citing a journalist with…


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