“We’re at War, Make No Mistake”, the Chinese Unleashed a Virus on the World, This Won’t End Will

“We will never out-lie, we will never out-cheat, will never out-steal, the Chinese Communist Party—they’re the “best” in the world. They Are godless, Immoral, demonic creatures, stated another way, the Chinese people are being mistreated by a handful of Ruling class demon Knights… Outspoken White House official Peter Navarro cranked up the anti-China rhetoric to ’11’ this morning, telling Fox News that the US is currently “at war” with China: “We are at war, make no mistake about that. The Chinese unleashed a virus on the world,” the Trump adviser told Fox & Friends on Monday. The outspoken China hawk went on to explain how mad he was about Disneyland… “It crossed me that Disneyland in Shanghai is opening this morning, while my own Disneyland in my own homeland in Orange County, in Anaheim, where Disneyland was born, is still shut because of…


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