Where Have All the Watchmen Gone? Where in Society Are Christ-Filled Churchgoers Fighting Demons? The Watchmen Who Would Boldly Confront Sin, Those Men Who Would Fight Evil Men Who Would Destroy Families?

The Death Angel Will Be Relentless With Renegade Politicians and Ungodly Individuals — Welcome To The New Norm — DEATH — Pestilence Via Vaccines Short list of domestic terrorists, the majority of whom are Satan soldiers, elected politicians who have betrayed the public trust. HNewsWire: Where Are the Watchmen? The Watchmen That Would Boldly Confront the Ruling Class with Harsh Truths. SRH: Society has stood by while these wicked men have taken control of our lives. God desires that we submit to his authority. However, when the authorities have become evil, we are obligated to address the situation with all of God’s weaponry and guidance. Even non-Christians recognize that the men on this list are walking demonic demons at this point. Unfortunately, certain women in our culture have joined the ranks of wickedness. This autumn will be the ultimate test.…


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