Foot Soldiers for Obama, Soros, and the FBI Issue a Warning: “Violence” Will Not Be Tolerated Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling, HNewsWire Issues a Warning, Christian Conservative Protesters Be Careful! The Red Horse In Play Followed By The Cry of Martyrs

HNewsWire: When Did ‘Law & Order’ Enforcement Start? When? After the Death of a Druggie-Thug Now Presented as a Saint, Gates/Soros/Obama Had Their Antifa/BLM Militia Out Rioting, Killing, and Destroying Cities for a Year. We Have Sexual Perverts Running Our Schools, Attempting to ‘Groom’ Youngsters Based on a Misunderstanding of What Perversion Is. And, a Re-Writing of History Based on Lies to Justify Crt’s Destruction of Children’s Psychological Stability… This Agency Is the Shield for Corruption, Theft, and Murder Because It Protects ‘The Wef/Ccp Cabal Mafia’ Treasonous Murderers From Being Held Accountable for Anything as the Area of Federal Government Has Been Corrupt From the Beginning of the Obama Reign. When Did the FBI Decide to Enforce Any Law Against the Cabal Mafias Militia Murderers When Their Exclusive Privileges to Butcher-Babies Were Endangered? How can a corrupt and malevolent institution…


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