Foot Soldiers for Obama, Soros, and the FBI Issue a Warning: “Violence” Will Not Be Tolerated Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling, HNewsWire Issues a Warning, Christian Conservative Protesters Be Careful! The Red Horse In Play Followed By The Cry of Martyrs


When Did ‘Law & Order’ Enforcement Start? When? After the Death of a Druggie-Thug Now Presented as a Saint, Gates/Soros/Obama Had Their Antifa/BLM Militia Out Rioting, Killing, and Destroying Cities for a Year.

We Have Sexual Perverts Running Our Schools, Attempting to ‘Groom’ Youngsters Based on a Misunderstanding of What Perversion Is. And, a Re-Writing of History Based on Lies to Justify Crt’s Destruction of Children’s Psychological Stability...

This Agency Is the Shield for Corruption, Theft, and Murder Because It Protects ‘The Wef/Ccp Cabal Mafia’ Treasonous Murderers From Being Held Accountable for Anything as the Area of Federal Government Has Been Corrupt From the Beginning of the Obama Reign. When Did the FBI Decide to Enforce Any Law Against the Cabal Mafias Militia Murderers When Their Exclusive Privileges to Butcher-Babies Were Endangered?

How can a corrupt and malevolent institution convince We the People that "violence" will not be tolerated? Only on J6 did they play a role in inciting unrest in order to arrest "We the People." That is code for “We will arrest peaceful Pro-Life supporters” for “Hate Speech” and call just being there “violence.” Be Careful !

The Bureau may crow, preach, and warn all it wants.Their Justice Department chief, weak political leftist Merrick Garland, lacks the stones and the will to pursue anybody except those who oppose his Party's objectives.

It’s Coffin Time in America! In the Days Ahead There Will Be So Many Corpses That Americans Will Become Immune to It All – Just Step Over Bodies. We Will See Bodies Dead From Murder, Rioting & Starvation on America’s Streets

White House Collaborated With NSBA Writing Letter Requesting The FBI To Label Conservative Parents Domestic Terrorists.

By Bryce Abbott | May 25, 2024 |

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) has apologized for a controversial letter in which it asked the Justice Department to investigate parents under domestic terrorism laws, blaming the association’s “concerning lack of internal process and accountability” and promising policy changes “to ensure this does not happen again.” An independent review of the events surrounding the Sept. 29, 2021 letter to the Justice Department resulted in an apology and a promise to do better moving ahead in a statement released on May 20. The National School Boards Association’s (NSBA) controversial Sept. 29 letter (pdf) compared some parents’ actions protesting policies like critical race theory or COVID-19 restrictions to “domestic terrorism” and claimed that “America’s public schools and its education leaders are under immediate threat.” “As these acts of hatred, violence, and threats against public school authorities have multiplied, these terrible acts…

Watchman’s Update: If We Can’t Rely on the Department of Justice, the FBI, Our Elected Officials, the President of the United States, the Supreme Court, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, We Can’t Rely on Their Ministry of Truth Either, Tribulation In Play

By StevieRay Hansen | May 3, 2024

  There Is a Constant Effort by the Globalists, A.K.a. Satan Soldiers, to Destroy the Foundation of America and Governments Around the Globe With One Goal: To Destroy and Control Mankind. HNewsWire: Special Counsel John Durham released his final report on Monday following over three years of investigation into the FBI’s handling of the Trump-Russia probe. According to Just the News, the report concludes that the FBI had no verified intelligence or evidence when it opened up an investigation into Donald Trump and his campaign in the summer of 2016. Durham placed blame on the FBI and DOJ for failing to follow their own standards in a probe which should have never taken place – includin Former President Donald Trump declared on Monday that Democrats and former FBI Director James Comey must answer for spending so much time investigating claims……...

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Watchman: Google Working With FBI to Identify Domestic Terrorists–Hitler Play Book

By StevieRay Hansen | September 29, 2023

The U.S. government is covertly recruiting Google, which maintains access to swaths of Americans’ personal data and information, to surveil their web searches, a new report from Forbes suggests. For years, the federal government has quietly demanded that the Big Tech search engine company hand over user data on anyone who conducts online searches using key terms. In 2017, a Minnesota judge OKed a warrant directing Google to expose user data for anyone in Edina who searched a certain fraud victim’s name. In a similar request in 2020, investigators demanded the Silicon Valley giant reveal information about “anyone who had searched for the address of an arson victim who was a witness in the government’s racketeering case against singer R Kelly.” In the most recently publicized warrant, which was accidentally unsealed by the U.S. Department of Justice last month and then……...

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Russia Accuses Google of Terrorist” Activity: The Online News CIA/DHS/FBI Google Operative Allowed Access to Countless Articles and Materials Containing Incorrect Information — SideBar, Google Bullies and Terrorizes Americans With Impunity Daily

By StevieRay Hansen | May 5, 2023 |

HNewsWire-On the eve of the emergency NATO summit in Brussels, for which Joe Biden has traveled to Europe, Russia’s ex-president and close Putin ally Dmitry Medvedev has warned of a coming ‘nuclear dystopia,’ according to The Hill, based on NATO pushing Moscow into a corner with crippling sanctions and attempts at total global isolation. In his Wednesday remarks, he accused the West of pursuing “the end of our nation,” warning that the end-game might be nuclear devastation if ties continue to deteriorate at this pace. According to The Hill: Dmitry Medvedev, deputy head of Russia’s Security Council and former president and prime minister, stated on Russian social networking site that Russia has been “the target of the same lousy and basic game” since the Soviet Union’s demise. “Russia must be humiliated, confined, rocked, split, and destroyed,” Medvedev wrote. Crucially,…

Update: Black Horse In Play: Adding to Our Food Woes, the FBI Has Issued a Warning About Targeted Cyber Assaults on Food Facilities in the Aftermath of a Strange Outbreak of Fires That Impacted the Food Supply Chain

By StevieRay Hansen | November 29, 2022 |

HNewsWire: By the end of the year, if you think food and fuel shortages are severe today, then you’ll be in for a nightmare. An unparalleled convergence of circumstances is stifling food production throughout the world. The conflict in Ukraine, strange weather patterns, terrifying epidemics, and a historic fertilizer crisis have all come together to form a “perfect storm” that isn’t going away any time soon. Food shortages are expected to become a major worldwide issue by this year’s end because of this. There has been an increase in global wheat prices of almost 40% since the beginning of 2022, but this is just the beginning. This summer, the United States is experiencing unprecedented diesel fuel shortages, and there are “no plans” to enhance refining capacity in the nation in the near future. Despite the Biden administration’s efforts to ensure…

The Biden Administration and Its Foot Soldiers in the ATF, FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security Are Turning People Against One Another. It’s an Old Communist Playbook, Hitler Played This Card Very Well, and the Rest Is Ugly History

By StevieRay Hansen | September 2, 2022 |

Isaiah 3: The people will oppress one another, man against man, neighbor against neighbor; the young will rise up against the old, and the base against the honorable. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee tweeted, “Is Joe about to announce the roundup of all Trump voters?” “This is pure hate speech if ever there was one.” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) accused Biden of dividing the country. “Tonight, Joe Biden vilified millions of Americans in a divisive and angry speech divorced from the reality of his political failures.” “He isn’t interested in restoring the nation’s soul; he is only interested in pitting his fellow Americans against one another,” Cruz said. Biden accused conservatives of being fascists, despite the fact that his own administration has acted like fascists. Democrats were the ones who shut down our businesses, schools, and churches. Democrats were the…

FBI Whistleblowers Claim Parents Against School Board COVID Policy Were Investigated By The FBI.

By Bryce Abbott | August 15, 2022 |

House Judiciary Committee Republicans said in a letter on Wednesday that whistleblowers claimed the FBI launched thousands of investigations on American parents who indicated disagreement to schools’ COVID-19 rules and designated them with a “threat tag.” In a letter to the Justice Department (pdf), Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Mike Johnson (R-La.) stated that “brave whistleblowers” from the FBI had informed them that the agency had reportedly created an internal threat tag called “EDUOFFICIALS” in October 2021 to track alleged threats against school boards, in response to an Oct. 4 directive from Attorney General Merrick Garland. According to the reps, the instruction came in response to a request from the National School Boards Association, which requested that the federal government employ counterterrorism instruments, such as the Patriot Act, to target parents at school board meetings. The congressmen said that such…

The FBI Warrant Reveals Bush Assassination Plot—It’s All Here BS. ISIS and Hezbollah Are Bitter Enemies Who Have, Since the Birth of the So-Called “Islamic State,” Been Locked in a Perpetual State of War. They Don’t Have Time to Kill the Bushwacker

By StevieRay Hansen | June 22, 2022 |

HNewsWire: In a newly unearthed search warrant, the FBI believes it thwarted an assassination plan against former US president and current Vice President Joe Biden. The Justice Department published a statement confirming the accusation on Tuesday. Apparently, the individual was in the middle of a refugee claim. Agents of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force detained Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab, 52, this morning and he appeared in federal court here at 2:30pm, according to the DOJ. An Iraqi man in the US accused of being an ISIS operative was plotting to kill George W. Bush, according to an FBI search-warrant application filed March 23 and unsealed this week in the Southern District of Ohio. He traveled to Dallas in November to take video around the former president’s home and recruit a team of compatriots he hoped to smuggle into the…

The Mayhem Will Begin, Satan Soldiers Have Big Plans for Americans, the FBI Warns State, Local Police About China Targeting People on U.S. Soil

By StevieRay Hansen | June 6, 2022 |

China: The Next Superpower.” “China: America’s Number-One Enemy.” This is a time of tribulation upon the earth. Its severity is without historical precedent. Concerning this time, the angel, Gabriel, told Daniel, that it “will be a time of distress such as never occurred since there was a nation until that time” (Dan 12:1a). This time of tribulation is in keeping with unfulfilled prophecy given to Daniel that pertains to Israel (Dan 9:24-27). It is during this time that God’s wrath will be poured out upon the world—specifically those who are hostile to Him and His people. The FBI is warning local law-enforcement agencies to beware of cooperating with a Chinese government campaign to coerce U.S. residents to return to China to face criminal charges, according to a counterintelligence bulletin obtained by Yahoo News. The bulletin comes shortly after eight people,…




The FBI deceived the House, Senate and the Justice Department about the substance and strength of evidence undergirding its counterintelligence investigation of President Trump, according to a recently declassified document and other material.

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

A seven-page internal FBI memo dated March 8, 2017, shows that "talking points" prepared for then-FBI Director James Comey for his meeting the next day with the congressional leadership were riddled with half-truths, outright falsehoods, and critical omissions. Both the Senate and the House opened investigations and held hearings based in part on the misrepresentations made in those FBI briefings, one of which was held in the Senate that morning and the other in the House later that afternoon. RealClearInvestigations reached out to every member of the leadership, sometimes known as the "Gang of Eight." Some declined to comment, while others did not respond to queries.

The talking points were prepared by Lisa Page, a senior FBI lawyer who later resigned from the bureau amid accusations of anti-Trump bias, and were used by Comey in his meeting with Hill leaders. They described reports the FBI received in 2016 from "a former FBI CHS," or confidential human source, about former Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Carter Page (no relation to Lisa Page) allegedly conspiring with the Kremlin to hack the election.

Quoting from the reports, Comey told congressional leaders that the unidentified informant told the FBI that Manafort "initially 'managed' the relationship between Russian government officials and the Trump campaign, using Carter Page as an intermediary." He also told them that "Page was reported to have had 'secret meetings' in early July 2016 with a named individual in Russia's presidential administration during which they discussed Russia's release of damaging information on Hillary Clinton in exchange for alterations to the GOP platform regarding U.S. policy towards Ukraine."

But previous FBI interviews with Carter Page and other key sources indicated that none of that was true – and the FBI knew it at the time of the congressional briefings.

The Lisa Page memo anticipated concerns about the quality of information Comey was relaying to Congress and suggested he preempt any concerns with another untruth. The memo advised Comey to tell lawmakers that "some" of the reporting "has been corroborated," and to point out that the informant's "reporting in this matter is derived primarily from a Russian-based source," which made it sound more credible.

By this point, however, the FBI knew that the main source feeding unsubstantiated rumors to the informant, Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence agent paid by Hillary Clinton's campaign to dig up dirt on Trump, was American-based.

Christopher Steele (left), Igor Danchenko

The FBI first interviewed that source – a Russian national named Igor Danchenko who was living in the U.S. and had worked at the Brookings Institution – in January 2017. Danchenko had told them that the anti-Trump dirt he funneled to Steele was dubious hearsay passed along over drinks with his high school buddies and an old girlfriend named Olga Galkina, who had made up the accusations about Carter Page and Manafort that the FBI relayed to Congress.

Danchenko is now under criminal indictment in Special Counsel John Durham's ongoing investigation for lying about the sourcing for his information. The source to whom he attributed spurious charges against Trump – including his being compromised by a sex tape held by the Kremlin – was a fabrication, according to the indictment. He never spoke with the person as he claimed. Another source turned out to be a longtime Hillary Clinton campaign adviser.

The FBI did not tell the Gang of Eight that Danchenko was working for Steele and did not really have any sources inside the Kremlin, according to the script prepared for Comey, which was recently declassified as part of pre-trial discovery in Special Counsel John Durham's probe. The FBI also concealed Steele's identity and the fact he was working for the Clinton campaign.

'Crowning' Deception

Adding to the deception, Comey referred to the unnamed informant by the codename "CROWN," making it appear as if Steele's dossier was a product of British intelligence, although Steele had not worked for the British government for several years and was reporting entirely in a private capacity. According to the talking-points memo, Comey also withheld from Congress the fact that Steele had been fired by the FBI for leaking information to the media. Instead of sharing that critical information about his reliability and credibility – to say nothing of his political and financial motivations – Comey hid the truth about his star informant from the nation's top lawmakers.

"If asked about CROWN/Steele" during the briefing, the memo anticipated, Comey was to tell lawmakers only that "CROWN, a former FBI CHS, is a former friendly foreign intelligence service employee who reported for about three years, and some of whose reporting has been corroborated."

Meanwhile, FBI headquarters officials were duping the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court in similar fashion in order to continue to obtain warrants to spy on Carter Page. They led judges on the secret surveillance court to believe Danchenko was "Russian-based" – and therefore presumably more credible.

The official in charge of vetting the Steele dossier at the time – and interviewing him and his primary source Danchenko to corroborate their allegations – was FBI Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten. By March 2017, Auten knew the "Russian-based" claim was untrue, and yet he let case agents slip it into two FISA renewal requests targeting Page.

Kevin Clinesmith: Falsified evidence for spy warrants.

Auten seemed to become concerned about the falsehood only when the Senate Judiciary Committee asked to see the Page spy warrants. He then reviewed the FISA applications in advance of Comey briefing the panel on March 15 and raised concerns with then-FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith, who was assisting with redactions to the documents before sharing them with Congress. Auten wondered in text messages whether a correction should be reported to the court. But no amendment was ever made.

Years later, in a closed-door 2020 hearing, Senate Judiciary Committee investigators finally caught up with Auten and asked him about it.

"The FISA applications all say that he's Russian-based," then-chief Senate Judiciary Committee investigative counsel Zach Somers pressed Auten. "Do you think that should have been corrected with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court?"

Auten said he raised the issue with Clinesmith, who was convicted last year by Durham on charges related to falsifying evidence in the FISA application process. "And what response did you get back?" Somers asked. "I did not get a response back," Auten replied.

Fraud and More Fraud

And so the "Russian-based" fraud lived on through the FISA renewals, which also swore to the court that Danchenko was "truthful and cooperative." (Attempts to reach Auten for comment were unsuccessful. The FBI declined comment.)

The five-year statute of limitations for criminal liability related to the invalid FISA applications expires at the end of this month. It has already expired regarding false statement offenses that may have been committed during the March 2017 Gang of Eight briefings.

However, legal experts say Durham could bypass the statute by filing conspiracy charges. Some former FBI attorneys and prosecutors believe the special counsel is building a "conspiracy to defraud the government" case against former FBI officials and others.

Around the same time, the FBI similarly misled high-ranking officials at the Justice Department.

In a March 6, 2017 briefing on the Russiagate probe to acting Attorney General Dana Boente, Comey's deputy Andrew McCabe and counterintelligence official Peter Strzok suggested that Steele's material came from the British government rather than the Clinton campaign by referring to it as "CROWN source reporting," according to handwritten notes taken during the meeting.

Strzok falsely suggested to Boente that the probable cause for his opening the Russiagate investigation, codenamed Crossfire Hurricane, included Trump asking Russia during a July 2016 public campaign appearance to find Clinton's 30,000 missing State Department emails she had deleted from a private server. The electronic communication Strzok personally wrote to officially open the investigation made no mention of this incident. What's more, Trump made the sarcastic remark after the date when Strzok stated the FBI determined probable cause.

Strzok, who did not respond to requests for comment, spread the same false claim in his book. He recently admitted in a Georgetown University forum he got that detail wrong, while blaming a faulty memory. Strzok was fired by Special Counsel Robert Mueller after the Justice inspector general alerted Mueller to virulently anti-Trump texts he had exchanged with Lisa Page, with whom he was having an illicit affair.

During the high-level briefing, Strzok and McCabe shaded other facts to make it seem as if the case against Trump and his advisers were stronger than it was in order to convince the attorney general they had justifiable cause to continue their "sensitive" political investigations. For instance, they told Boente that the secret FISA monitoring of Page's phone and emails was "fruitful," when in fact collections failed to corroborate the dossier allegations against Page.

The next month, Boente approved and signed the third application to surveil the Trump adviser. Carter Page was never charged with a crime. But the year-long surveillance, which didn't end until Sept. 22, 2017, allowed FBI headquarters to potentially monitor the Trump presidency through what is known as "incidental collections" of emails, texts and phone and Skype conversations.

On March 20, 2017, Comey went to Capitol Hill and publicly announced for the first time the existence of the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane investigation into Trump and his campaign.

"The FBI, as part of our counter-intelligence mission, is investigating the Russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, and that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government, and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia's efforts," Comey testified.

The unusual public disclosure of an active investigation opened the floodgates to media hysteria about possible Trump "collusion" with Russia and triggered years of congressional hearings and investigations that dragged Trump figures into countless hours of depositions under subpoena.

Two months later, Mueller took over where fired Comey left off and breathed new life into the counterintelligence and criminal investigations. In the end, Mueller found no evidence Trump or any Trump official or associate conspired with any Russians to interfere in the election or conduct other espionage. The case, like the Clinton campaign-funded dossier that inspired it, was a bust.

Tellingly, Lisa Page also personally briefed Mueller about the FBI's investigation when the special counsel took over the case in May 2017. She boasted that Mueller was so impressed with her "overview" that he hired her on the spot. "I want her on my team," she said Mueller told her immediate boss McCabe.

Page did not return requests for comment through her Washington attorney. Source: ZeroHedge


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