Watchman Update: Hitler Couldn’t Have Done a Better Job Than Google or Apple When It Comes to Turning the People Against Each Other. Get Your Favorite Spy or Snitching App. Buy It From the Google/Apple Play Store. These People Are Enemies of Our Country, and They Needed to Be Shut Down. Stop Using Google/Apple. Their Demonic/EVIL!

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HNewsWire: They deserve the consequences of their actions. They assisted the CCP in rounding up protesting civilians and ending lockdowns. It's all about the money for Apple and the rest of the "big tech" companies; they don't give a hoot about people's rights or liberties. Further Apple losses would (even though I do love seeing them writhe in financial agony greater than standing outside a pay toilet with a bent penny),

Apple's market value has dropped by $1 trillion in the last year, marking the tech giant's largest slump in months.

Exactly one year to the day after becoming the first publicly listed Silicon Valley corporation to be valued at $3 trillion, the internet giant's market valuation dropped below $2 trillion on January 3.

News of a decline in demand for Apple devices sent the company's stock down 3.7%.

There was a $85 billion loss in market value for the smartphone manufacturer due to the sell-off.

Apple, like many other major IT firms, has seen a drop in revenue as a result of supply chain issues and consumer and business anxiety about the economy.

On January 2nd, Nikkei Asia reported that Apple was experiencing sluggish demand, particularly for its most popular items such as the MacBook, AirPods, and Apple Watch.

Allegedly, the firm informed a number of vendors that, beginning in the first quarter, they should produce fewer components for the aforementioned products.

A manager at an Apple supplier told Nikkei Asia that the company has seen reduced orders from Apple across practically all product lines since the quarter ending in December. This is in part due to the fact that demand is not particularly robust.

The popularity of Apple's new goods has analysts worried, as does the company's difficulties in shipping iPhone 14s during the crucial Christmas shopping season due to problems at its primary supplier in China brought on by the epidemic.

Apple's holiday sales were negatively impacted by China's crackdown.
Apple reported "high demand" for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, but warned that shipments would be fewer than projected because of limitations imposed by the Chinese government.

The company's Chinese plants were producing less than usual, which caused an order backlog.

Due to this, buyers had to wait long periods of time to purchase the highly sought-after iPhone Pro models, which negatively impacted Apple's Christmas sales last month.

In October, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) implemented epidemic lockdown restrictions, disrupting production at Foxconn, the world's largest iPhone manufacturing.

According to Apple's website, the delivery time for an iPhone 14 Pro is still about two weeks, despite claims from Chinese official media that operations are now supposed to be operating at around 90 percent capacity at the Foxconn facility.

Wang Xue, the factory's deputy general manager, told Henan Daily, "The order books seem strong at the present, and the orders will peak from now until a few months after Chinese New Year."

Apple lost almost $1 billion per week in November iPhone sales due to production problems in China, according to Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives, as reported by CNN.

In recent months, Apple has stepped up its efforts to relocate some of its manufacturing operations outside of China.

Some of the IT firm's product production lines may be relocated to developing nations like India and Vietnam, according to reports from the firm's suppliers.

"The transition out of China will not be simple and come with significant logistical, technical, and infrastructural difficulties as the aggressive drive to India and Vietnam now starts with the Apple ecosystem informed," Ives said on December 4.

He predicted that by the 2025/26 fiscal year, more than half of Apple's worldwide iPhone manufacturing might be moved to those two nations.

Losses for Major Technology Companies Were Extreme in 2022
Apple's stock price has fallen significantly recently, but it's not the only major technology company to see precipitous drops.

Over the previous 12 months, Amazon and Meta have seen declines of around 50% and 70% in market value for their shares, respectively.

During the same time frame, Apple's stock has only lost around 30% of its value.


Source: HNewsWire


SRH: Friday, protesters outside and inside a Massachusetts golf tournament supported by the despotic Saudi Arabian government criticized the government of Saudi Arabia for "sportswashing" its war crimes in Yemen and domestic human rights abuses. At the Bolton Fair Grounds in Lancaster, where the shuttle bus to the LIV Golf tournament at The International golf club in Bolton would be stopping, members of Massachusetts Peace Action and their allies held a rally.

Those living in Yemen have been devastated by Saudi Arabia's bombing campaign, according to Paul Shannon, head of Massachusetts Peace Action's Middle East Working Group. He went on to say that America's role in facilitating the Saudi invasion and the sale of bombs, planes, and missiles to the Saudis by companies like Lockheed, Boeing, and Raytheon were directly responsible for the devastation that has taken place.

Alice Rennie, a resident of Bolton, Massachusetts, expressed her displeasure at the fact that her hometown was hosting a golf tournament with proceeds going to support "the terrorists and murderous regime in Saudi Arabia," as she told WCVB.

"Golf should not be used to promote a government like Saudi Arabia that is doing these things in the world to people," Paul Garver, another protester, said.

We do not support working with a deadly despot like the crown prince, he continued.

Former President Donald Trump hosted a LIV event at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, which drew criticism from peace advocates and the families of victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States, which were possibly supported by some Saudi authorities.

The Public Investment Fund, Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund, underwrites the professional golf tour. While protesters chanted "Saudi Money is Blood Money" and "Saudi Arabia Kills Journalists and Kids in Yemen," a jet flew overhead carrying a banner that read "Bolton Rejects Saudi Blood Money."

SRH: " Pure Evil In Play!! Google /Apple The people Enemy"...

HNewsWire: Extremely Malevolent People in Saudi Arabia are using an app available on iOS and Android devices to report neighbors who have spoken out against the regime. On Friday, Business Insider reported that as a result, several activists and others are facing sentences of more than 30 years in prison.

Saudi national and PhD student at Leeds University Salma el-Shabab was sentenced to 34 years in jail on August 16 for tweets "in support of activists and members of the kingdom's political opposition in exile," according to the BBC. Although el-Shabab was in the UK at the time of the posts, she was reported using the "Kollona Amn" app and was detained upon her return.

Insider spoke with Real, a pseudonym, a Saudi women's rights activist. "Every day we wake up to hear news, somebody has been detained, or another has been abducted," Real said.

Legal-rights campaigners have noted a "dramatic" increase" in court cases using the app Kollona Amn, which roughly translates as "We Are All Security" in Arabic, since its debut in 2017 by the Saudi Interior Ministry.

Users are "encouraged" to "act as police" and "take part in their own repression" via the software. Noura Aljizawi, a researcher at Citizen Lab who studies internet dangers to free speech, remarked, "Putting the state's eyes everywhere also generates a pervasive sense of uncertainty - there is always a potential informant in the room or watching your social media profiles."

Because of the Orwellian character of the app, many people report others "defensively," out of fear that they will be punished for hearing words that the dictatorship finds objectionable. Insider also mentioned that the app has been used to "blackmail" people and "settle scores."

Google and Apple, which Insider contacted for comment, continue to sell the software despite its involvement in suppressing dissent in the authoritarian Gulf kingdom. Further, Google plans to construct two new offices in Saudi Arabia this year and is currently engaged in a contentious data collaboration with Saudi Aramco, the country's state-owned oil company. However, campaigners are concerned that this will "risk lives" and give the government more tools to snoop on civilians, despite the tech giant's assurances to the contrary.

In an effort to circumvent the Orwellian surveillance of the Kingdom, which is supported by American companies, protestors have taken to keeping multiple phones at once, one with government apps and another without.

A physician called Lina al-Sharif was arrested in May 2021 on unspecified allegations; however, those close to her claimed that she had been blackmailed by someone who threatened to report her via the Kollona Amn app. Prior to her detention, she had been tweeting about the need for human rights in Saudi Arabia. Despite the fact that there are about 2.5 million Saudis using Twitter, the regime in Riyadh has been using it and other social media platforms to suppress political opposition and activism, as well as to enforce its strict moral code.

In another example this year, Suhail Yousef AlYahya, a gay man, was sentenced to three years in prison for "cybercrimes" and "public decency offenses" after he posted photos of himself in a swimsuit online.

The Saudi government has actively used mobile applications and social media to silence its opponents, with the help of personnel at some sites actively working to carry out Riyadh's goal. Former Twitter manager, who allegedly received hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange for information about Saudi dissidents including email addresses, phone numbers, and other data, was found guilty in a US federal court in August of working on behalf of Saudi Arabia without registering himself as a foreign agent.

By putting ordinary people in the position of police, Hitler Best encourages them to take part in their own repression. Noura Aljizawi, a researcher at Citizen Lab who studies internet dangers to free speech, remarked, "Putting the state's eyes everywhere also generates a pervasive sense of uncertainty - there is always a potential informant in the room or watching your social media profiles." Pure Evil In Play!!



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