Our Government Can’t Be Honest—CIA Paramilitaries Have Been Training Ukrainian Soldiers on the Front-Lines of the Donbas Battle Against Russian-Backed Rebels Since 2014, and the Biden Administration May Have Pulled Them Out Last Month

A New Report Confirms the Existence of a Vast CIA “Stealth Network” of Spies and Commandos Operating Inside Ukraine… HNewsWire: As many expected, a new New York Times investigation confirms that the CIA is still actively involved in Ukraine, notably in training and coordinating armaments among its Ukrainian friends. US and European intelligence officials with knowledge of the activities were cited in The New York Times story as saying that “a covert network of commandos and spies racing to deliver weapons, information, and training” was involved. Even though they are outnumbered militarily by the Russians, Ukrainian troops are said to be “more than ever” dependent on this covert Western network. The Russian invasion was sparked by an 8-year-old CIA secret effort to train Ukrainian troops, which investigative journalist Zach Dorfman revealed in a stunning Yahoo News exposé. After that March…


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