Watchman: In the Same Sentence, Alex Jones Extols the Wicked Transgender Blair White, Saying, “God Is Working Through You.” Bewared Jones, a Misguided (False) Christian. Jones is Completely Evil!–He Is Nothing More Than a Jesuit Coadjutor and a Useful Moron for the Vatican

  SRH: Quayle Shared His Account of a Vision He Had in Which Jesus Christ Entrusted Him With Joseph’s Ministry–Today There Are Many So-Called Prophets That We Might Spell “Profits” Because They Are Motivated by Money There’s a Reason Why Alternative News Is Not Highly Thought of, Alex Jones and Mike Adams. These Guys Come up With Crazy Unsubstantiated News Articles With One Goal in Mind, Click Thru, Buy Our Vitamins Their Miracle Cures. Mike Adams and Other Alternative News Sources Put Out an Article About the Chinese Army Being on the Canadian Border and Mexican Border and Was Going to Invade the USA. People Are You Kidding Me, if You’re Looking for Entertainment Turn on Fox News, if You Want Truth, Read the Bible, Srh…   HNewsWire: Jones is pushing the same agenda as Biden and the mainstream. godless…


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