These Corrupt Politicians Will Literally Tear Each Other Apart. Biden Got It All Wrong During SOTU–Satan Soldier Demonic Biden Heckled, Booed by Republicans During SOTU

Joe Biden

HNewsWire: Satan Soldier Biden Heckled, Booed By Republicans During SOTU Recognizing Demonic Affliction At 80 years old, and One of Satan Older Solder, Biden is the oldest Fake Wanna-be  president to offer a State of the Union speech, and it showed. Satan Soldier Biden referred to Tyre Nichols as “Tyler” while discussing police enforcement and his death in Memphis. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was referred to as the Senate’s “minority” leader by Biden. Biden said he had succeeded in pushing illegal immigration “down” at his State of the Union speech on Tuesday night, in a somewhat shocking remark. Republicans heckled Biden again when he called on Congress to establish a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants as well as border security funding, causing Democrats to cry “order!” According to The Daily Caller, the president’s remarks come on the heels of a…

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It Appears Our Legal System Has Been Compromised, When District Attorneys/Judges

and Officers of the Court Become Corrupt It Signals America Is Dying From the Inside Out… According to The Baltimore Sun, the IRS has filed a lien against Baltimore City’s top prosecutor for years of unpaid taxes.  Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby and husband Nick Mosby – Democratic nominee for City Council president – were slapped with a $45,000 lien via the IRS for three years of unpaid taxes. The lien showed the Mosbys owe $23,000 for 2014, more than $19,000 for 2015, and about $3,000 for 2016. The Mosbys released a statement to members of the press from their respective offices that read:  “I have been in ongoing conversations with the IRS for five years about the tax consequences of an early withdrawal from my retirement savings plan, which I did to support unplanned expenses after a series of…

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Corruption is a state of decay, pollution, or incorrectness. In the Bible, corruption is one of the effects of sin that resulted from the fall of man… There are three accounts in the Gospels in which Jesus states that a kingdom divided against itself is laid waste or a house divided cannot stand (Luke 11:17;  Jesus’ argument to the Pharisees was logical: a kingdom that is at cross-purposes with itself will fall. Any household riven by infighting will tear itself apart. Jesus was obviously casting demons out of people. If Jesus was in league with Satan, or if Satan was somehow working through Jesus, it is unlikely that exorcisms would be a priority, because why would Satan cast himself out? Satan has more practical wisdom than to allow his demonic underlings to group themselves into warring factions… Birth Pangs Jesus…

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