Update: 10/1/21 Second State Announces Military Help — NY Gov Confirms National

Guard Will Fill In For Fired Healthcare Workers Who Refuse Vax — This Will Not End Well, National Guards Today the Military Tomorrow, Satan Soldiers Intend to Vaccinate Everyone on US Soil or Lock Up Camps for the Holdouts, Get Prepared It’s Coming… Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont Prepares National Guard to Replace Unvaccinated State Employees JOSHUA CAPLAN1 Oct 202122 Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) has notified his National Guard troops to prepare for a possible scenario in which they replace state workers who defy the state’s impending coronavirus vaccine and testing mandate. Lamont issued an executive order which directed state workers to receive a vaccine by Monday or undergo weekly tests. Roughly 25 percent of the state’s employees, which amounts to 8,000 individuals, are “non-compliant” with the coming requirements, Business Insider notes. “I continue to remain optimistic that our employees will submit their testing…


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