Riots are in our Future: COVID Outbreak That Might Infect 100 Million People This Fall Has Been Predicted by the Satan Soldiers With-in the Biden Regime… This Is Just in Time for the Midterm Elections — Lawless

HNewsWire: New omicron sub-variants have shown a remarkable capacity to evade immunity, prompting the Biden leadership to warn that the United States might witness 100 million coronavirus infections and a potentially substantial wave of mortality this autumn and winter. It is part of a larger effort to improve the nation’s ability and willingness and persuade lawmakers to appropriate billions of dollars for the purchase of a new tranche of it . Kill shots,a.k.a flu shots, tests, and therapeutics, according to a senior administration official who spoke at a background briefing on Friday as the country approaches a covid death toll of 1 million people. It is important to note that the official did not give any new data or make a formal prognosis when estimating 100 million possible illnesses during a cold-weather wave later this year and early next year.…


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