Watchman Question: Credit Suisse Has Collapsed Because One of the Board Members Is “Gender Fluid” and Can’t Make Up His Mind Whether He Identifies as a Man or a Woman on Any Given Day. Some May Wonder, “How Can This Guy Operate a Firm When He Can’t Even Decide if He’s a Man or a Woman?” Sin Virus in Switzerland

HNewsWire Live Stream 24/7  News UpDates and World Events   HAL TURNER As the world watches the stock value of Credit Suisse implode, people are asking how this could happen. That question is causing attention to be paid to the company Directors; one of whom is “Gender Fluid.” Folks are now asking “How can this guy run a company when he can’t even decide if he’s a man or a woman?” Pictured above is Credit Suisse Director Philip Bunce.  However, depending on how he feels on any given day, he may come to work dressed in a wig and women’s clothes, calling himself “Pips” Bunce. And while he’s busy trying to decide on whether he is a male or female on any given day, the company he is supposed to be Directing is seeing it’s stock value collapse. Of course,…

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Watchman Sees Trouble: The Stock Market in the United States Finished Lower Today; It Would Have Been a Bloodbath if Swiss Officials Had Not Stepped in to Tell the World That It Would Bail Out Their Insolvent Bank

HNewsWire: Switzerland’s second largest bank, Credit Suisse, which has been experiencing bank runs and plummeting stock valuations since the end of 2022, became the first SIFI (systemically important financial institution), or “too big to fail” bank, to crash today forcing regulators to step in and ensure a bailout. The Saudis almost single-handedly crashed the U.S. Stock Market (and stock markets around the world) this morning when they announced that they were not going to put any more money into the failed Swiss bank. Problems at Switzerland’s second-biggest lender are causing stocks around the world to falter—and reigniting fears for the banking sector. On Wednesday, Credit Suisse ‘s top shareholder said in a Bloomberg interview that it wouldn’t invest additional money in the Swiss bank. Saudi National Bank Chairman Ammar Al Khudairy told the media outlet that taking a stake of more than……...

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Texas Gov Abbott. Found His Way, Go Woke, Get The Hell Out: Texas Bans Wall Street Giants Blackrock, Credit Suisse And Others Over Energy Boycott, The Feds Can Go To HELL, Don’t Mess With Us, Texas Will Secede Soon!

  HNewsWire: “You only need to read the news when you wake up in the morning to realize that things have gone worse than they were the previous day. That occurs every day. I’ve been discussing “Mad Max” for a while now. When I first began discussing it, I received a lot of flack and was referred to as a nut case. It’s becoming increasingly more likely that this will happen. It only refers to the West, which includes China, which is not in the West but is also highly leveraged (or indebted). An economy is overextended when a financial system is overextended. The only thing that can happen at some point is something negative. To repay the debt, there are only two options: default or extreme currency inflation. In terms of timing, I’d be surprised if we made it to…

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