Watchman Question: Credit Suisse Has Collapsed Because One of the Board Members Is “Gender Fluid” and Can’t Make Up His Mind Whether He Identifies as a Man or a Woman on Any Given Day. Some May Wonder, “How Can This Guy Operate a Firm When He Can’t Even Decide if He’s a Man or a Woman?” Sin Virus in Switzerland

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As the world watches the stock value of Credit Suisse implode, people are asking how this could happen. That question is causing attention to be paid to the company Directors; one of whom is "Gender Fluid." Folks are now asking "How can this guy run a company when he can't even decide if he's a man or a woman?"

Pictured above is Credit Suisse Director Philip Bunce.  However, depending on how he feels on any given day, he may come to work dressed in a wig and women's clothes, calling himself "Pips" Bunce.

And while he's busy trying to decide on whether he is a male or female on any given day, the company he is supposed to be Directing is seeing it's stock value collapse.

Of course, none of this would matter in most other business situations, but Credit Suisse just happens to be a "Systemically important" bank.   Now that it is is serious liquidity trouble, the company and its Directors have BECOME the public's business because the public is being asked to "backstop" Credit Suisse with about $54 Billion in liquidity from public funds through the Swiss National Bank.

Switzerland has agreed to provide that funding.  Yet folks are rightly asking whether or not this "Director" should continue to be with the firm now that his actions and those of the other Directors, have made Credit Suisse a public welfare recipient?

Maybe Mr./Ms. Bunce should be sent on its merry way and be replaced with someone who is actually mentally/sexually stable, who can actually do the job necessary to make the company solvent and stable?

On, and the other "Directors" who hired this . . . . thing . . . . it seems to many people THEY should be given THEIR walking papers as well.  Clearly, THEIR judgement - in hiring this . . . . thing . . . . - seems questionable.

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