Watchman: Biden, Also Known as Satan Soldier, Builds a Barrier Around the Capitol but Fails To Address Border Security

President Biden has issued an order for the installation of protective fencing around the U.S. Capitol in preparation for the State of the Union Address tonight. The purpose of this fence is to prevent any potential threats from breaching the security perimeter. Ensuring the safety of our elected officials is crucial, but it is equally important to safeguard the American people. The decision to construct a barrier around the Capitol has raised questions about why a similar measure has not been taken along the southern border. It is essential to address these concerns and prioritize the security of all individuals within our nation. Will You Help Please Give You can also send a check to PO Box 127, Pontotoc, TX 76869. The HIMEDIA Group. Slim sized Perfume Oils are perfect to take with you in your hand bag, gym bag,…


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